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ESO Plus

Hi guys

Ive been hearing about the recent problems with players that pre-ordered the Imperial Edition as well as ESO Plus, that it has been almost weeks on end and no one has received what they have paid for. I am just curious as to know, if I bought ESO Plus right now through the Playstation Store, would I receive it straight away?
  • ZephyrWestwind
    You should get the boost right away and the crowns within 24 hours. The problems you are seeing posted seem to be mostly pre-orders and packages deals. Except for Ireland, there seems to be a real problem with accounts located there.
  • OzJohnD
    My experience is that buying Crowns and buying ESO + via the PSN store from my PS4 Crowns were received immediately and ESO+ was immediately active.
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  • Eldercast
    I just bought ESO + and it activated straight away, thank you so much guys for your help! Much appreciated.
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