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No combat footsteps or npc voice.

Soul Shriven
Playing on xbox one(obviously) and i noticed that I cant hear my footsteps when running. Also there is no NPC voice nor combat sounds what so ever. There is also no rumble on my controller as well. While i wouldnt necessarily call this a game breaking bug, it does take you out of the experience a great deal. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, yes i have submitted a ticket.

  • shovelhead67
    Soul Shriven
    Had no npc voices. .tried someone else idea and worked ..
    Cold reboot xbox one..and ext. Hard drive if you have one.
    Just unplugged ac cord wait a minute, restart ..
    Worked for me issue of no npc voices.
    good luck
  • EquinoxBlack
    If that doesn't work re-move or re-seat your chat adapter on your controller. I had the same issue on day one... turned out my chat adapter wasn't in the whole way and my headset was being wonky because of it. I cold booted xbone and everything came back up fine.
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  • adriancole
    Soul Shriven
    You guys are amazing. Thankyou so much for the help. I cold booted it and resat my chat adapter and its working like a charm.
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