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Looking for addon that makes computer run faster and easier finding resources


Is there an addon out there that removes all run through trees and environment? Also any addon that highlights nodes?

Looking for ways to increase my computer performance by removing all environmental elements, like trees, other grass (that shows when grass is turn off), etc. Stuff that hides resources.
I want to be able to clearly see a resource, and only resources and NPC shows and stuff you cannot run through.

Are such addon's possible? Are there any community/shared ones? Or do I need to make coding friends to code this due to select few people hiding good addons from the public?

Most addon's would decrease computer performance, but I think an addon like I mentioned would drastically improve computer performance. I did a reset to defaults, and this game thinks my laptop runs everything high. pfft. I was remembered what slow turning is and how important cpu and graphics card performance was, turned that *** back down to low except for texture quality, brought that to medium.

But if anyone can help a brother out, and know where I can get an addon like I described, many thanks to you!
  • MissBizz
    Not sure what you are looking for exists, but I can give you a few tips.

    For each craft requiring gathering, there is a "Keen Eye" passive, this makes the resource nodes glow and smoke, so they are much easier to see. As well, turning off grass will help as pretty much the only things you see sticking out from the ground will be nodes.
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  • qsnoopyjr
    I did turn off grass, but as you can see in the picture above, there is still things sticking out and its not just a barren land with nodes.

    Just curious if there was some addon that removed all those other things sticking out, as you can see in the picture.

    My computer isn't the best even though the game thinks my computer can run high settings, so removing 'junk' from the world would help with my computer performance, also perhaps load faster due to less 'junk' to load up.

    That is why I said, most addons slow down your game, but if someone knows of a public one or a private addon and can help me get rid of this 'junk' to increase my computer performance, much is appreciated.
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  • Lithium Flower
    Lithium Flower
    AddOns cannot add, modify or remove textures/objects from the game client - all they can do is play around UI elements.
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  • Ayantir
    ESO works well on a 4 years average laptop. Please consider the game requirements too.
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