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How to initiate the blessed crucible quest - where do I get the request to speak to Talres Voren?

Last night I was with a group trying to do the blessed crucible. It was a dogpile - the player, who'd been first into the dungeon set it 5 levels above our level, wouldn't accept that there was a problem. There was no quest initiator. Probably because the leader had done it already...although he told us that the trigger came somewhere deep inside ...

Anyway it was a dogpile. I dropped the group. I was watching a youtube guide of the dungeon and the youtube player already enters the dungeon having to speak to Talres Voren. He meets Talres Voren and "completes" a step in the quest. I've no idea however, where he got the initial request to find and speak to Talres Voren. It wasn't on the video.

In our attempt we defeated the giant gatekeeper, got to the entrance hall - but there was no Talres Voren.

I've googled it but found no information about the quest at all - except a map. Not much help.

To avoid a second dogpile, I thought I'd find out where and what and who I have to speak to before I go there again.

On the positive side, of all the group dungeons I've done, this is the first where I've had a problem with another player in the group being an idiot...

So I'm appealing to one of all the fine people I have met in game to help me out here.

Thanks in advance.
  • Sidney

    Sorry to hear you had such an awful time =( My guildies and I had a similar issue in a dungeon. We had to break the group apart, each person ran in to start the quest on their own, ran back outside to re-group and then headed in back inside.

    I don't know if this will work with every dungeon though because I think I've seen quests that drop when you leave the dungeon but I am not 100% on that.

    The guy was not very nice to begin with so he likely wouldn't have waited around for a re-group anyways but try that next time :3

    Good luck!
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