Choosing between Light and Medium Armor

Soul Shriven
Which armor would be best for an Imperial-Sorcerer-Bow character? I can't make up my mind on which one would be better in the long run. Should I use both? How many light / medium? I have a feeling the medium full set passive is pretty awesome but I would have to sacrifice some magicka passives from the light armor.
  • Yakidafi
    You can think on which will be your main dmg source, magicka based skills or stamina eg bow skills.
    You could also run hybrid if you do not care for min max that much atm.
    5 pieces of the armour type you want as main is most common or 6 also sometimes full.

    I am sure you can create a fun hybrid, I got a tank sorc ^^
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    Soul Shriven
    Neat, very much appreciated :smiley:
  • Pheefs
    I like wearing both, pretty evenly split... & I'll swap out my chest piece for a specific combat situation or even vanity's sake...
    wearing a combo of medium & light gives you the most varied outfits

    you still get good passives & it makes no difference at all when you use or make the armor "sets"
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