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Battle Spirit, a perma-free-buff for anyone in Cyrodiil?


as i have never been so very lucky in getting answers in zone-chat, i hope to find here an answer; short, but clear will do , thanks :)


Is Battle Spirit a permanent, courtesy-buff from ESO (devs) for any player that enters Cyrodiil , and will always improve the attributes, even if your faction does not possess anything (keeps, farms, etcc..) in Cyrodiil?

Thank you very much :)


  • Echo_Silence
    Hello @Xandryah I have played in Cyrodiil for awhile now and I seen before that you get buffs. From my knowledge you get the buffs out of the Cyrodiil for joining any campaign and getting a scroll. I think the scroll gives you buffs out of Cyrodiil. If I'm wrong someone can just say so. Just tell me cause If I'm wrong I'm kinda curious too.

  • AngersRevenge
    Buffs from Cyrodiil do transfer to PvE. Not the leveling buff but other buffs. Like the ones for holding the scrolls.

    i don't PvP much but I do join a campaign to get the buff for PvE. If we aren't doing good in the campaign, no biggie, I just don't get the buff.
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