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New to ESO, have many questions

Hello everyone! Greetings from Turkey. Since I'm a big fan of Skyrim, I decided to have a break from WOW and try ESO. I have many questions about the game, so any help is appreciated.

-First of all, I always play as a Tank in MMORPGs, how are tanks in ESO? I read a post regarding how bad tanks perform,, but that was long time ago. How are they now? Are tanks needed in Dungeons? Because some people claim tanks aren't mandatory like they are in WOW.
-I bought the Standard Edition, what will I miss if I don't subscribe monthly? What are the downloadable contents? (Please elaborate)
-How is the class balance?
-I heard that many players were unsatisfied in the beginning. How's the current status now? Probably the game evolved into something much better, but did they adress the issues that caused the problems?
-I really like solo contents. Can I participate in such activity in ESO? I'm talking about end game (or near end game), of course.
-Is there a paywall in this game?
-Can I make gold with trading/crafting/gathering? I always wanted to roleplay as a "Merchant".
-Is there many sets that certainly provide a unique feeling? How is the item variation?
-How is the build variation?
-Can someone compare ESO over WOW (or other MMORPGs)?

Thanks in advance. I wish everyone a good day.

Best Answers

  • NightStrom
    Thank you. I have one more question left:

    Are there any "Starter Gear" in ESO? Like Heirlooms in WOW, for example.
    Edited by NightStrom on March 31, 2015 10:17PM
  • NightStrom
    Are there any "bound" items?
  • NightStrom
    I'm looking for a detailed guide that's made for beginners. Can anyone point a guide?
  • NightStrom
    It's best to wait for an updated guide then.

    Thank you everyone for your answers. This was indeed a warm welcome.
  • MentalMidget
    NightStrom wrote: »
    It's best to wait for an updated guide then.

    Thank you everyone for your answers. This was indeed a warm welcome.

    he makes some great video guides check em out :)
    Edited by MentalMidget on April 1, 2015 2:30AM
  • NightStrom
    Indeed I will, have to sleep now but I heard the guy's name before, will check it again tomorrow. Again, thanks for the info.

    Proud to be a part of this community.
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