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Boss Spawning Timers

What is the logic behind the stupidly long boss respawn timers in Cyrodil? I've been to Toadstool Hollow multiple times now, killed 4 of 5 bosses numerous times and still have NEVER seen the 5th boss. Several times I've had everything in there dead and it still won't spawn so I don't buy the story that you can only have two boss at a time. I've had zero in there and still not gotten the 5th one to spawn.

ZOS - what is the value in having it set up like that? of what purpose is having people wait and wait and wait for a boss? I know you understand the value of time because you said so when you justified making faster xp available to premium subscribers because you understand some players have limited time. So why make people wait for these bosses? What purpose does that serve?????
  • apocalipsys_rgsub17_ESO
    Some bosses only appear at night
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  • Ourorboros
    It's a test. To see if you know how to use the search function instead of starting thread # 101234 on the same topic. You failed the search test, so that boss will never spawn for you. >:)

    On a serious note, that has got to be one of the worst delves in Cyrodil, especially if the 5th boss is the spider waaaay at the top while you kill the 4 bosses down at the bottom. There is an add-on, think it's PublicDungeonChampion, that should help let you know when last boss spawns. But, yeah, it may take a while since you rely on RNG. Wouldn't you know it, RNG is a fickle (female dog).
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  • CaptainObvious
    The problem is spaghetti code. Boss spawns were adjusted in non-Cyro areas to be more systematic. Specifically public dungeon boss spawning. That logic was not applied/ported to Cyro dungeons. Thus, kill a boss, wait 30 minutes and hope the right RNG hits to spawn the right boss or just leave and try again later.
    Due to a typo in the system, the area was accosted by the Daedric Prince Moar Lag Brawls.
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