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(EP-EU) Looking for a small, dedicated, social guild :)


Hi I'm an ex beta player looking to get into the game properly now that it's gone free to play. Since then I've had to start a new character and from the begging as all my old guild and characters got erased, so I've only got a low level character (around lvl 8) which admirably is a bit annoying. Anyway I'm mostly looking to brighten up my game a bit with a smaller guild to help make a couple of friends hopefully in and out of game. So here's a rundown of my play style and characters:
I would also like to mention that one of my biggest bug bears for guilds and some players is the need to focus on the "optimal" way of playing, I hate this and I'm more of a role playing kind of person with 1 character playing how I want to.

Real Age: 21.
Real Region: South Wales.
Gender: Male
Accent: British Neutral.
System: PC.
Race: Dark Elf.
Class: Nightblade.
Weapon: Duel Wield, Bow.
Crafting: Blacksmithing.
Money Making: Thief (eventual Dark Brotherhood member when available).
Mic: Yes.
Previous Leadership Role: Yes in ESO Beta guild, SWTOR guild, City Zombie guild.
Role: DPS (some of my attacks also do small healing), Tactician.
ESO Knowledge: Well I've played and completed every Elder Scrolls since Arena sooo.... vast.
Gamer: I'm what some would call a "hardcore gamer", I play many kinds of games ranging from all regions; hell I'm even a game developer.
MMO Knowledge: It's rather limited, I've never really been drawn to this kind of game before. I've played about 3-4 hours of WOW (warrior), an hour of Planet Side 2 (assault), and a lot of hours in SWTOR (Inquisitor).

Well that's pretty much all the info I'd want to know if I was a recruiter/leader, if their is anything else feel free to ask. Happy gaming, I hope to see you all soon :)
Signed - @Madness1
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