NB Skill crits from stealth?

new player, low lvl nb bow user, I don't know what skill to use in sneak, or just heavy attack at targets back, does strife or venom arrow provide possible crit in stealth or is it just on LA and HA back shots? please help thnx.
  • ScruffyWhiskers
    If you hit from stealth from a rear angle you get an auto crit and a stun. I believe the crit is scaled even higher than a normal crit for damage. Like 2x damage instead of 50% more. Not sure though. It's the stun that is really useful though.

    Pretty sure this is for any attack physical/spell etc. I have only ever sneak crit with my nb skills or flying dagger to be honest.

    Hope this helps. I know for sure that the bow attacks will crit and stun because snipers love me. :)

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