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Dungeons for Undaunted

So I was at 85 undaunted exp, and decided I would go around and do Public Dungeon Bosses I had missed, cleared a few dungeons out and I'm still at 85..so which Achievs under "Dungeons" counts? Cause I'm guessing its not Public?
  • Rosveen
    Group dungeons, mostly. Public dungeons contribute to damage dealt/blocked/healed achievements and possibly to named boss kills.
  • yodased
    You only get them from 4 man instanced dungeons for the acheevs. You can get damage healer, healer and blocker and named bosses from group delves and basically anywhere in craglorn.

    The only ones that count for raising your actual score are the ones that you can get pledges for like spindleclutch, banished cells etc.

    Oh and vet city of ash too

    Tl;dr really weigh the fun you have in game vs the business practices you are supporting.
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