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RvR differences in TESO, GW2, DAOC

hello, always been a fan of well done RvR but as a noob I need to ask some questions to get a clearer picture.
I'm looking for a 'tactic' enough RvR where there is a bit of strategy and not only 'blob following'. I like spacious maps but at the same time I'd rather not play in a desert.
I probably have other questions but I'd be very grateful if someone could outline the main difference between the mmorpgs I mentioned. So far I'm playing eso and strangly enough for me I got completely addicted to the well done!!!!

And one last question...coming from an old there any sense of faction belonging?
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  • Tankqull
    GW2 - blob the *** out of everything
    ESO - starting to get rid of the blob
    DAoC - have had the strongest faction allegiance of all three wich was undermined by server merges [all thre are now on one lvl in this regard - none existing]. by far the most strategic PvP because of the game mechanics (CC and support classes have values, rupt mechanic, etc.) no blobs thx to the ae mechanic [comparable strategic game play only observed in Ultima Online], rather steep learning curve compared to newer games. but because of its age a bit deserted
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    Anything useful that players are wanting added into the game all fall under the category of "Yer ruinin my 'mersion!"

  • Roechacca
    There's several tactics to bust up mobs . It takes time and practice . As far as Faction loyalty goes there's many reasons to stay with a faction . When you back your friends and even sometimes your same faction enemies in a fight and never ditch just because things don't go your way , people at least know you stick to your team and have some honor as a player . When you ditch for another faction in pvp , a lot of doubts surface with your old team mates . That's why I've never pvped on a alt . I have to toons that are not DC , one is my Sons that he never uses any more . And the other is a PvE toon to play with some AD friends when I can . But never for pvp . I'd rather dip out of pvp then to shoot at guys and girls that have helped me in game .
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  • Sharee
    GW2 biggest difference (from DAoC) for me (and one that eventually led to me leaving) was the map split. Instead of one RvR map, you got four.

    In ESO, the notable differences are:

    1, less of "this territory is mine" feeling. In DAoC you had to take a boat ride to reach the enemy lands. You knew you are an invader there, and so did the enemies. In TESO this is more blurry. All you have to do is pass a milegate/bridge, and many players are still confused which keeps are supposed to be 'theirs'.

    2, the scoring. I really dislike the timed campaigns that have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. DAoC had nothing like this, and if one faction started dominating, the other 2 automatically started attacking it instead of each other. In TESO, you have one faction dominating, and the other 2 fighting each other because "they are too far ahead anyway, so we need to fight for the second place". Bleh.

    3, TESO lacks a realm points system. The alliance war skill line covers this to a degree, but is simpler in comparison and way easier to max out.
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