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Pretty sure I'm missing something here.....

Is Cyrodil meant for V5's on only? Why is that the weakest level npc enemy? I don't get it. I can't kill a NPC unless I get them alone, let alone a real player. The only thing I got out of going to Cyrodil so far is mild depression, and a strong desire not to go there. I admit, I'm pretty crap and go there expecting to die. I just wish there was a glimmer of hope for my little V1. I guess I need to level up...but then, why let anyone under v5 go there on their own anyway? What have I missed here?
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  • Galalin
    At V1 you need a group... there is lots a V1 can do to make a difference... especially hopping on a meatbag or any siege for that matter.... also depending on class there are tons of ways to be effective.

    That said running around solo is about the worst option i can think of.

  • Cody
    atm all one can do when below VR6ish is sit on siege all day and be bored out of their minds:(

    unless one enjoys sieging all day of course.
  • Cody
    oh and heal
  • badmojo
    Find a group and stick with them.
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  • Cinnamon_Spider
    Don't let anyone discourage you. Even at a lower level, a good player can be effective. You just need to find a decent group that can show you the ropes.
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  • Reverb
    Take heart. The NPC are also V5 on the non-vet campaign. You have much better chances as a V1 than a group of players under level 30 ;)
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  • Dru1076
    Thanks guys. After getting my tail kicked so hard and repeatedly last night I was about ready to give the game away. Now I know I just need to build my character up more.

    The non-vet campaign still has v5 npc's, which seemed rather silly to me. This does make me wonder why they encourage you to go there after level 10. Just setting people up for pain and frustrations if you ask me. Just silly really.

    I shall give Cyrodil a wide berth until I can survive there on my own.
    Ask not what your sweetroll can do for you....
  • technohic
    Its always been part of the frustration when a lot of people came to the game when it went live wanting to just PvP as they had a ton of fun in Cyrodiils in Beta when most were sub-50. Typically people that are not big on PvE to begin with. Then they were only met with basically the equivalent of getting to 50 2 more times once they hit vet levels and some bolted.

    Then they raised those vet levels by 20% (and I think the NPC levels at that time to VR5 but maybe it was later) and more bolted.

    Then they raised the top VR level 2 more levels again even after knowing how unpopular it was while talking out the other side of their mouth about the upcoming champion system.

    Again, not great to push PvPers into PvE content and they sure have not done well at evening it out to where you could level in PvP either.
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  • ThyIronFist
    Meatbag catapults.

    Use them.
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  • Saddiq
    Since the original question seemed to be about PVE Cyrodiil as well as PVP, I have to strongly disagree with avoiding Cyrodiil's PVE component until you're v5. I started working on the PVE achievements in Cyrodiil at lv 47, and stayed there until v3, which is how much xp (and vp at the time) I received for completing it. Playing against stronger npc enemies not only taught me all kinds of things I was doing wrong and made me a smarter player, it was also far more engaging than the mindless spamming you do when you fight equal-leveled trash mobs, which are far too easy and basically decorative.

    Soloing the v5 trash mobs and even soloing some (not all) of the bosses in Cyrodiil is entirely possible with a v1-3 character. Some of the boss fights will take you 10 mins, but you become a smarter player because of it. Volcanic rune, for example, the Mages Guild skill line morph, got me through nearly every Cyrodiil boss solo.

    Cyrodiil is beautiful and very fun for sub v5 solo PVE players that like immersive experiences. I highly recommend giving it a solid try (ignoring the PVP topic altogether).

    Plus if you're not a PVPer, Cyrodiil is 'scary in a good way' because you have to sneak and look around all the time. Very immersive experience. I got my Cyrodiil explorer achievement at v3, and to this day I have never once defeated another player in one-to-one PVP, so I'm not a great player at all and you don't need to be a great player to take on Cyrodiil before you're v5.
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