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suggestion: updated death animations and sounds with various skills


This is a request to add more death animations and sounds for various skills and weapon attacks. This suggestion goes with the animation and graphics of the game and should have little impact to game mechanics, I.E. please add this cause it would look cool. This may help gameplay in a few ways by giving better cues that a mob has been deafeated. I've made a similar request with dungeon boss death animations ( http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/discussion/137041/suggestion-epic-boss-fight-ending-animations ) but this is different in it would a non-cinematic and affect all mobs. With this, since it would be adding in additional animations and gore, there should be an option to show it or not show it client side. The animation being triggered will require a critical hit on a deathblow, though the sound will play regardless as a sort of death cry.

*NOTE* ESO is a mature rated game just like it's predecessor skyrim, and while I assume those on the forums are adults that can handle a bit of gore, don't read on if you don't like the idea of blood. Most of these descriptions are to get us back to some of the awe inspiring "god that's gotta hurt" hits we used to do in skyrim. My other benchmark for this are death animations shown in Guild Wars 2 and other mature rated MMOs.

Swords, axes, and daggers
dismemberment - much in the style of skyrim, bodies can be chopped up with the proper blow. This would require a slashing action, such as executioner, uppercut, low swing, cleave, whirlwind, twin strikes, heavy or light attacks with a sword or dagger. Minor dismemberment of hands and feet or fingers would be the most common, while decapitation would require a serious hit.

Stab and bleed out- animations that puncture, like flurry, twin strike, puncture on a final blow are likely to cause a bleed out animation, where the enemy keels over with blood coming out.

Hammers and maces
Broken bones - death cause with blunt instruments result in a body being disjointed after being hit. Caved in body parts and limbs twisted in terrible angles show the damage done. Decapitation may occur against brittle enemies like skeletons.

Fire staff
Pile of ash - we already have this, just showing where it fits in

Melted to the bone- a body bursts into or age flames, melting off the flesh till only a red burning skeleton remains

Engulfed in flames - body catches on fire, falling to the ground and sitting there, still burning

Ice staff
Ice sculpture and ice cubes - I've seen this randomly, but an enemy freezing into a statue. Add to this that they me crack or shatter. The position they freeze in can aslook very between standing, kneeling, or laying down.

Lightning staff
Shocking burn out- enemies are turned into blackened husks as the electricity flows through them.

Twitching- electricity is visibly still running through the enemies body, causing them to twitch or spasm before falling over.

Leaving blank for now

Leaving blank for now

Leaving blank for now

Leaving blank for now

Other abilities
scalding and volcanic rune - similar to fire staff abilities, however blue flames envelope the body.

Vampiric feeding, poison mist, or batswarm- the enemy is withered away into a dried out husk and falls over (if living)

Werewolf feeding- almost a gaurenteed dismemberment.

I left a lot of the class ability death animations blank for now since there are a lot to go through, and felt it would be best to get folks initial impressions to this suggestion. If you're dying to see something, leave a reply =3

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  • Elridge
    This would add some cool variation to kills. It's really nice to see ones like they have now with the "pile of ash" after attacking something with fire, but it would be nice if it were expanded it with another visual or two to break up the same types of death.
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  • Chuggernaut
    Great ideas!
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  • ItsGlaive
    Great idea, given how many kills we get through to level a toon, it'd throw a lot more variety in there for us :)
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  • HeroOfNone
    Moved to Feedback & Suggestions
    Herfi Driderkitty of the Aldmeri Dominion
    Find me on : Twitch | Youtube | Twitter | Reddit
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