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Crafting Writ - Stuck

Hello, as I understand and do, each new tier of material has new place designed to be dropped-off to. So for example Maple stuff (for DC) has drop-off location in Daggerfall, Spidersilk in Alik'r, etc.

But yesterday I got stuck with Voidsteel crafted Blacksmith writ. I crafted what is required but I cannot find the place where to drop it off. Got some hints from friends it might be Craglorn, yet it isn't there.

I have opened map, with quest tab opened too, and while I could locate drop-off zone for both lvl 1 (Maple) Woodworking, and lvl x (Spidersilk) Clothing in Alik'r... I could not locate drop-off for end-level (Voidsteel) Blacksmith writ. Like it is bugged.

(I think though not sure, that once I dropped-off Voidsteel in first (Daggerfall) zone, but totaly not sure about).

Thanks for any kind of help. Writs are not really good at pointing you where to drop them off.
  • Ourorboros
    Your writ tells you where to deliver it in the crafting quests section. Voidsteel is max level for blacksmithing, usually delivered to Belkarth in Craglorn. You have to be vet to get there. Check your quest notes.
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  • Robbmrp
    Once you start working on Writs that are V9 items and above the drop off location is Belkarth in Cragolorn.
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  • Axie
    Thing is I use an add on for quest journal, and it just isn't there. And when I roamed around Belkarth I didn't have an option to drop-off. V2 here.

    EDIT: Thanks for replies, will try to disable add-on and use default quest journal and see how it goes.
    Edited by Axie on January 22, 2015 10:23PM
  • phairdon
    Had trouble with this too as the void steel writ was sending me to a cave in Bangkorai. You need to head for Belkarth in Craglorn.
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