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Sanctum Ophidia - The Serpent

  • igohamnchz
    The only bug that's hindered my group from executing pink orb phases, is one where they are nearly invisible aside from a very faint pink aura thats almost imperceptible. I think it's happened to myself twice out of all the times I've ran Sanctum so although it should definitely be checked out, I wouldn't say that anything to do with pink orbs is broken. The animation for the orb not immediately displaying itself is a part of the mechanic that is being able to pick up multiple bubbles. If you can't use the cue that is the pink orb disappearing off of the ground when you've picked it up you will pick up multiples and hinder your group. Thats just awareness, not a bug. If I see an orb disappear near me I'm not going to continue running until i see the animation one second later, im going to be cautious and wait that second and then go for another one in the chance that it was picked up by someone else near me. If you take the time to seriously coordinate your group there shouldn't ever be any confusion as to who has gotten which bubble. When I stream there are times when my ping spikes upwards for 400+, but everytime I don't get a bubble its my own error.

    Again, besides that visual bug there is nothing about pink orbs that needs to be fixed. Occasional server failure and DC's is another issue entirely. Personally I've had only one instance where I received a loading screen in the middle of the serpent fight. Most other times when someone DC's its no fault on the end of ZOS, but more likely an unstable connection or something else on the users end. I know this definitively because as I've said, I personally have only had a DC/crash happen once, and to those that it does happen to, it occurs at random times and places not just Sanctum. So therefore it's a lot more likely to not be on ZOS's end.
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  • DDuke
    I'm not sure if ZOS is aware, but The Serpent is still occasionally (around 10%-15% of the runs I've done) bugging out, not doing any of his intended mechanisms & being impossible to kill (stuck at 0%).
    Once he's in this state, nothing our group does is able to debug him, meaning we have to restart the trial, or just call it.

    This has been the case for months, and it is extremely frustrating to arrive at the Serpent having spent lots of potions & a reasonable amount of time, only to find him unkillable.
    Conveniently, he also happens to be the only boss with anything useful dropping.

    Any status update on fixes for this frustrating bug, @ZOS_JessicaFolsom, @ZOS_GinaBruno‌ ?
  • xMovingTarget
    Kraen wrote: »
    Vixen wrote: »
    It's an easy game and even easier when you always have buffs! Just don't raid without them people :)
    Because buffs really matter when you are looking for the shields. -.-

    Elder Scroll of Healthy Eyes: + 10% Awareness about encounter

    Seriously, leave in game passion behind and lets try to keep PvE in this game at least a bit challenging.

    I dont disagree with you Finneas. But i am against randomness. If it would just be a difficult mechanic thats hard it would be fine with me ;) randomness suxx and is unpredictable. Also mostly requires luck to master to full extend.

    At least they should work and not disappear into nothingness. THe lagg also doesnt really help with it.
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  • TehMagnus
    I understand you Finneas, nerfing the game is something we should all avoid, especially after it's happened so many times but is luck difficulty?

    To me, orbs where a bit like Poker, you can find nice strategies to go at it, split in groups, spread people around evenly, in the end, you still need luck to succeed.

    IMO the time increase for the orbs is a patch to the real issue which is latency and I suspect a bit of frame issues.

    I know I've died multiple times because I got to the orbs when they where still showing on the ground, before the explosion, but my char doesn't seem to pick them up. I've also arrived before an other player at an orb , stopped moving, and someone else walks through me and actually grabs the orb!

    It's small bugs like that that make the system annoying, since it requires luck not only in the game but in the game's infrastructure to succeed. Increasing the timer will palliate that issue, I just hope it's the only thing that gets nerfed...
  • Moezilla
    I'm glad to see that we aren't the only ones having issues with the pink bubbles. We are getting the same issues.

    There has also been a big issue with the Lamia explosion. Many of our players have died to this without being near it. Please check this out.
    Moezilla-Dunmer DK
    Kittyzilla- Khajiit NB
  • Alcast
    Class Representative
    Moezilla wrote: »
    I'm glad to see that we aren't the only ones having issues with the pink bubbles. We are getting the same issues.

    There has also been a big issue with the Lamia explosion. Many of our players have died to this without being near it. Please check this out.

    Latency issue, you saw yourself out of AOE but you might have still been there. annoying..
    Same problem in DSA HM with poison stage when boss uses arrow spray, stood 3m out of it still dead.
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  • JuL1aN
    Well, just fix the Latency Issue than it should be fine.
    J-L-N | eXile
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