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Staff heavy attack

  • Keron
    The discussion only makes sense from a consistency point of view. All other weapon heavy attacks are disruptible, similarly for NPC attacks.

    It's just not consistent to have staff attacks be uninteruptible except for the "poor staff user has to have a possibility to regain magicka no matter what"-Argument.

    In my humblest of all opinions, not game-breaking in PvP. Other way around in PvE? Possibly "game-breaking" (well, not game-breaking but very annoying) to remove it for encounters longer than a couple minutes.

    In conclusion: Arguments for leaving it as is, seem stronger than vice versa.
    Edited by Keron on November 28, 2014 2:47PM
  • Sypher
    A change this big not being in the patch notes should indicate this is a bug.

    Not being to bash heavy attacks is clunky and isn't intended.

    I have many reasons why heavy attacks should be interruptable which I posted in another thread.
    Edited by Sypher on November 28, 2014 3:40PM
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  • autoexec
    So 2-3 weeks after the patch, no one still knows if this is a bug or intended and ZOS has its head stuck in the sand on this ? ( Like most other issues except stuff like emote animations where Gina is really quick to confirm it will be fixed asap )

  • LegendaryMage
    Of course it's a bug, before that patch all heavy attacks were interupable, and now that they restore resources, all the more reasons to not change it. It adds a tactical element to the gameplay.
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  • Mumyo
    Natasi wrote: »
    So, are people saying they're actually dying from this? I'm confused. Maybe some death recap screenshots with Heavy Attack all over it would help. Otherwise, the idea that not interrupting a heavy staff attack is PvP-breaking is just ludicrous. Stop worrying about what every little mechanic can and can't do and just enjoy the game!

    It's not the damage! Some lamers just wont die due to heavy attack magicka regain and shieldspamming.
  • dylanjaygrobbelaarb16_ESO
    Mumyo wrote: »
    LOL - lets interpret...

    I can't block heavy resto with my flappy spam and I am cry cry...

    interpret again°!

    PvP right now can be heavy attack followed by shield for infinity!
    Have fun killing such opponents.
    I am cry cry due to the issues that u simply cant kill people anymore that know how to spam resto heavy attack and shield as long as they wish. Enemy simply runs out of ressources or does the same which would lead to an infinite fight or u are simply a highburst class and wait for a huge mistake from the enemy.

    Average combat time in 1v1 sitation: forever!

    If thats no reason to be angry....

    Wait, what? You have difficulty killing someone who is using a heavy attack?

    I shouldn't have to explain this...

    Heavy attack means:

    1 - they aren't blocking. Knock them on their ass (defense shield does not stop this).

    2 - they aren't using a high damage/CC attack that you have to worry about. your options for attack are too numerous to list.

    3 - they have prioritized resource recovery over defense. an opponent not actively defending is vulnerable to your strongest skills and is easily susceptible to a lethal combo.

    They are using immovable clearly, or they would be dumb to heavy attack as strategy1v1 so your #1 isn't well thought out. I shouldnt have to explain this;)

    Edit. On second thought none is thought out. Immovable gives cc immune and caps resistances on many builds so # 3 is nonesence as well
    Edited by dylanjaygrobbelaarb16_ESO on November 30, 2014 1:36AM
  • Lhorion
    Once: Heavy Attacks could be interrupted. This made it hard to usw them in front of your enemie.
    Now: Heavy Attacks cannot be interrupted. This gives the oportunity to spam them one meter away. You can CC the Caster - sure! But he will break and continue.

    Heavy Attack + Shield/Heal = endless fights

    If you using Immovable before doing Heavy Attacks you are unstoppable.

    I hope it is a bug. If not..... Why the hell this change?

    P.S.: Resto/Lightning Heavy Attacks cannot be blocked which Males them strong. They give Magica and do damage ignoring blocking. With the Undaunted-Set they to 300 (Resto) or 400 (Lightning) additional damage which makes them to a good damage source!
    Fazit: Unstoppable and moderate damage that regenerates Magica.
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