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Shadow Walker and Cloak

This is my first MMO, been playing since day one. My highest characters is a V5 Night Blade, duel wield orc. I am not very good at fighting and or understanding the mechanics of the game. Besides that, as soon as I start a battle, I end up just spamming my keyboard and have no idea what I am doing and blowing my resources anyway.
However, one of my favorite things to do in game, is plan for the future by shopping around for v12 to v14 sets at bargain prices, that I may want to wear down the road. I just made my first twice born star 5 piece set last night, but some of the non crafted sets are so cool.
Trying to understand at least a little bit of the mechanics of the game, I do know that cloak has become a very good friend to me around mobs. I can sneak around, or even just pass right through the mobs up in Craglorn. This leads me to my question. As a duel wielder, I am building more on the stamina side. If I head into a mob with my whirlwind, and start to fall a bit short of finishing them off and run low on health and stamina, and I hit cloak to just stand there, will my shadow walker bonus kick in while cloaking, and will the mob reset while I am cloaking and getting my health and stamina back from the shadow walker? Sorry if that is confusing, but I can't test it until I get to v12, which could be years. lol I guess to simplify it, will cloaking and shadow walker compliment each other to help a loser survive? I edited to also add that I currently have a v12 warlock ring saved for someone, but would a 5 piece warlock and 5 piece shadow walker be the ultimate combo for a low skilled mmo player using cloak and shadow walker?
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  • thesongoftimeb14_ESO
    I feel ignored. lol
  • Suntzu1414
    dual wield NB can be very hard to play (at higher levels) without the right setup.

    My previously life (as a DW NB),

    I would utilized Surprised Attack (stun) +Rapid Strikes (kill) , while phasing in/out with Cloak. Because of our passives (cloak passives) we get 3-4 sec of armor/spell protect coming out of cloak...this would give me enough time to kill.

    I never had luck with Whirlwind (for AOE), for me it was underpowered (unless mob is under 30%). Instead, went the magica route -- utilizing Sap Essence + VoB (utl). This combo with the right build can be quite devastating.

    Kill Well
    DC - NB VR15 - Khajit - DW / S+B / Bow
    DC - NB VR 15 - Wood Elf - S+B / Resto
    DC - TP VR 15 - Brenton - Resto / Dual Wield
    DC - SC VR 12 - High Elf - Desto / Dual Wield
    EP - TP VR 5 - Nord - 2hd / 2hd
    EP - DK 20 - Imperial - S+B / Desto / Bow
  • thesongoftimeb14_ESO
    Thank you for the tips and I will take note on trying the Sap Essence with the vail ult, but I was just using whirlwind as an example to set up for the question about cloaking and the shadow walker bonus set.
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