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Move add-ons to different hard drive?

Is it possible to move the add-ons folder to a different location, like a hard drive that is not the home Documents drive?
  • Beotor
    Here you maybe find a way.

    the follow quote coult be the answer:
    Open a command window (cmd) with administrator rights. (Right click and select run as Administrator)
    Type the following.
    mklink /d "S:\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live" "E:\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live"
    This will make it look like the files are still located at S:\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live even thou they are actually read from E:\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live. Since the game seems to be hard coded to read your files from "My Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\" this seems to be the only solution.

    This trick can also be used if you want to install the PTS client but don't have the space on the drive where you have the EU/NA client installed.
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