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Exp rollback?

Last night when I logged out, I was about 60-70% of the way through Veteran Rank 9 and I logged in today to find myself at only about 10% of the way into it. What is the deal? I know there have been some changes to the Veteran Rank Experience System but I was on par to finishing this zone and going into the VT-10 zone. Now I am severely behind and will surely struggle just a little more...
  • Usmar
    My group member has the same issue and even though his exp bar shows him at being about 20% into VT-9, he just ranked up to VT-10 lol. The issue seems to be with the actual exp bar and not with the exp itself...
  • Helluin
    Don't consider the percentage, it is just an UI error that will be fixed in next patch; when you reach 1.000.000, you should rank up.

    It's explained here:
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  • Gyudan
    Let's say you have 500,000XP.
    The UI now displays 500,000/4,000,000XP in your bar, while it actually is 500,000/1,000,000XP.
    As soon as you reach 1M, your veteran level will be increased.
    This issue will probably be fixed with 1.5.5, it's just visual now. Your character is fine.
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  • ZOS_GaryA
    Hey there!

    As mentioned by other folks in the thread, percentages are going to be a bit dicey until the experience values are fixed in the next patch. It's likely that you've experienced a rollback because the UI now states that you need 4 million XP to advance your veteran rank, where only 1 million XP is required.

    As others have mentioned, this is only a visual issue, and when you reach 25% you'll level up. This will be fixed in the next patch. Thanks for your patience!
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