[How to] look like an Ordinator!

Soul Shriven
Ever since the announcement of dyes and the Justice system, I just knew that I had to make myself look like an Ordinator. I (almost) have the perfect configuration for the Ordinator.



Now, the whole set is medium army with the Dunmer style. However, the shoulders, gloves, legs[1], and boots are all of the 'Leather' variant, while the legs, chest, and helm are of the 'Full-Leather and up' variant. The Ordinators do not wear belts.

I used three colors for the dyes. The darker brown is 'Hunding Gold', the lighter brown is 'Craftmaster Gold', and the blue is 'Apprentice Blue'.

The achievements for these dyes can be found at eso-fashion.com/dyes-by-color/.

That being said, I have compared the colors extensively next to an Ordinator guard. I have found that the blue is nearly the same exact blue. However, the darker brown color, and the gold are not exactly right. If anyone has any better colors for these feel free to comment.

­†All [], are indicative of edits. They are in numeric order.
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  • AlexDougherty
    Aylied Gold might be a slightly better match, but it does look like an ordinator.
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  • Gilvoth
    well done!
    perfect match to the guards! not only of eso but also of morrowind in vivec city!

    take a look
    @ exactly 1:29 of this video

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