Could you give frogs a chance to drop fishin' worms?

Would make things a 'tad' easier. :#

Really though, if anyone has any good ideas where an Ebonheart player could find some fishing worms in VR/50 zones, I'd appreciate em.
  • Gyudan
    Flowers and cloth nodes have a chance to drop worms, more than 1 at a time.
    Zombies and especially the ones with more health than usual also drop them in large amounts.

    Happy hunting.
  • KenjiJU
    Do you have any specific locations? The last two days I've been picking many alch flowers, but all I've found are the food version of worms.

    Edit: Well I found a decent spot, in Alik'r's Sentinel on the beach. A group of 5-6 drops 0-3 at a time. Seems slow pickings, but they respawn fast enough to keep me busy I spose.

    Thanks for the help.
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  • Ourorboros
    I like your idea of worm drops with frogs, maybe other critters too. I'd be really surprised if that happened.

    You found a good farming area, I doubt you will do better elsewhere. Other options for worms are: farming zombies at Vile Lab in Cold Harbour (iffy at best); start a new alt and farm the room where you get weapons for 100-300 worms/hr but kinda PITA; buy worms from guild vendor kiosks, just look for bargains. I did a combination of all of these on my way to Master Angler. Buying works best when you can find worm stacks for 1000g or less. Nice thing is you can leave the worms in your mail until you need them.
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  • Maotti
    Do you have access to the Aldmeri zones? Maybe the plagued people in Phaer in Auridon drops it.
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  • Nestor
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    KenjiJU wrote: »
    Really though, if anyone has any good ideas where an Ebonheart player could find some fishing worms in VR/50 zones, I'd appreciate em.

    Vile Lab in Coldharbor, you can get a 100 Worms and Crawlers, if not more, there in about an hour.

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  • Hamfast
    Personally I would rather have frogs drop frogs legs, Mud Crabs to drop Crab Meat and so on... worms are frog food, as are other bugs, so I guess bugs could be found in frogs... but all frogs have legs...
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