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Where are the Potency Runes for level 4 items?

I'm trying to upgrade a piece of jewelry (VR4) to increase its magic recovery above 12, but I can't found and potency runes that will do this. Its like VR 4 is skipped?

Denara goes from 1 to 3
Derado goes from 5 to 7

So I assume this is a bug that needs to be reported?
  • KenCleanAirSystem
    You are missing Pode/Rera which are VR3 to VR5. I haven't gone looking for them, but I would assume you would find them in the middle zones of Cadwell's Silver quest line.
  • RSram
    Thanks, I went to a web site that had incorrect information and the Rera rune wasn't listed. I should have checked more sites before I posted this.

    It must be rare because after 280 hours of rune harvesting, I haven't come across this rune yet. I guess, I'll have to spend coin and buy it from a guild store.
  • Ourorboros
    I was farming collectibles in my VR starting area today ( for me, Kenarthi Roost ), and of course I collected other resources during this, including runes. I picked up multiple Reras and a few Pode. So, Rera aren't, rare :). RNG being what it is, no guarantee, but your first Caldwell silver looks to be a good place to look for these runes.
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  • Sapphy24
    You are saying you can upgrade jewellery? Which profession does it?
  • RSram
    You can ungraded the enchant on the jewelry by using a more powerful glyph. No profession is required to use a glyph.
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