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This is your game ZOS

  • Keron
    Hookgrin wrote: »
    Black-Bird wrote: »
    ...The sooner we can place guild locked camps...

    In ESO Live episode 2 Brian Wheeler stated that they will NOT be doing Guild FCs do to the fact that you can join 5 guilds. :/

    But then let's have the next best thing: group FCs. Make them more expensive (like 20k AP) but have double the soul reservoir. Make it so you can spawn there only if you are part of the group that has planted it. If the player who planted it leaves the group, destroy his camp immediately (to prevent griefing).

    Group camp placement is only limited by other camps of the same group. if your group has a group camp up, the group members can only rez at that, not at a "free for all" camp.

    And put the name of the player on the camp he placed so you can kick a troll from your group to destroy it.

    I don't care if it puts a high load on the server hardware to calculate it. ZOS needs to beef their servers anyways, so go the full mile and do it with enough contingency to allow something like this.

    Oh yeah, and cooldowns on camp placement. Each greater keep radius (keep area and associated resource areas) can have one camp every 5 minutes. Make it hurt if you manage to burn down a camp.

    Yes, yes, I know. No cooldowns in ESO. If there is a way to resource limit camp placement except by AP cost (which can not ever work), go for it. But there isn't.
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  • kewl
    kaer426 wrote: »
    that's odd,
    my rig is mid tier and I never have any lag issues outside of cyrodiil or trials

    My rig is top tier and I've rarely had lag issues outside of Cyrodill. Until the most recent patch. Now it even lags during the most mundane PvE moments, like standing in place to view the scenery (all addons disabled.)

    Don't know how much longer I can pay for this.
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