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Help my dragonknight

Soul Shriven
Hi I just came back to ESO after a long sabbatical and I am looking for some advice for my class/build. I am a dual wield, heavy armor wearing nord dragonknight. Anything I should change as in armor? I know some people mix and match Where should I focus on putting my attribute points? Does anyone know a good build that I can build toward for my guy? I want to do optimal dps. I am looking to do PVE solo/group trials and raids, so the usual pve end game type stuff. I am lvl 25 at the moment but it wont be long until im 50 and in veteran ranks.
  • drkeys143
    Hi Andruil, I'm no expert on DK, never played one, but just wanted to suggest you re-post this in the New Player Questions, or even the General Discussion, I'm sure you will get plenty of people responding, it is just under the wrong category here I think.

    Wb by the way :)
  • AlexDougherty
    There are several threads about DKs in here, but you need to look for them.
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