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Imperial gear never return old style

Hello all,
I would like to know something that I never understand even I read game guide many times.
If you have any answer are very well come;

First I know, Imperial gear and weapon never return back original style...But,

The questions are ;
1. If I never change to imperial style some armor/s or weapon/s why they are not appear like original style!!?? ( For example chest, feet--> imperial appear but, head, shoulder and other I never change to imperial)
2. Dye system not working at imperial armor? Why. When I go to dye station and painted some colours, preview is ok, I can see original gear and painted. After saving and returning to the game, there was no paint and everything looking like imperial gear????

Thanks for your comment and guidance.

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  • Athas24
    I'm a little confused by the first question. Each piece must be converted to Imperial style or it won't appear as Imperial. Some things cannot be changed or converted to imperial though. If you are asking if you can somehow change the gear to imperial and then back, you cannot.
    The second question seems like you are either not saving it properly or you are experiencing some sort of glitch. I personally have never had any issues dying my gear. Hope that helps?
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  • AlexDougherty
    I craft and dye my imperial armour, that works fine, sounds like you have a bug there.

    As for the conversion, are you sure you haven't got a disguise on? because that's the only thing I can think of for that.
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  • akcicek
    Thanks both of you,
    Problem solved. There was a bug and now it is ok now.
    Sure, disguise kit was on me...I spend a quite huge time to learn and solve how can I take off.
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