Selene's Web (normal) ...

Yeah, so, I was in a group last night attempting normal version of Selene's Web, and we wiped horribly in the final battle, more times than I care to admit. I was the tank, level 47DK, the DPS and Healer were 41-43 I think.

Any thoughts on strategy? Tank hold adds as best as possible while everyone else kills boss? Everyone all-out attack boss? Tank holds boss while everyone kills adds as they appear, then attack boss?

Go in with higher level group? Or did we just suck :)?
  • elphaba_thropp
    Soul Shriven
    I did Selene three times the last few days (lvl 43 healer), each group did it without anyone dying. Group members all 41-46 lvl. So probably you had some weak member(s) on the team.
  • wookiefriseur
    damage is the key

    the adds have to be taken care of (at least the ranged ones)
    the melees can be tanked where the boss is

    or, if you have a good tank and healer, you could just focus the boss..but it will get increasingly difficult the longer she lives

    also don't stand in her bat swarm and, if i remember correctly, free party members from the web, if they can't free themselves

    edit: if damage is a problem, you could try to switch to dps instead of tank for that situation ^^

    edit2: oh.. an old thread...
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  • troyub17_ESO4
    Thanks for the responses, I appreciate it! And old thread, maybe, but still valid for me ... thanks :)
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