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Every few minutes, crashes to login "Error please try again in a few minutes"

It appeared to be just my main, but not it's happening on all my characters.
I disabled all addons, deleted appropriate folders suggested in the Help section, and repairs launcher. I get about 2-3 minutes of play time then I am unable to perform any actions or chat. After another minute or two I crash to login screen with an error message (No error code). Error: Please log in again in a few minutes or something to that extent. Game has been working find for me the past several months no issues like this. I assume it's something going on tonight. Please advise if I am not the only one experiencing this tonight or if there's a known issue.

I am finally baby free and wife free tonight and this crap has to happen....
  • Evergnar
    I had this bad yesterday as well for the first time. After trying several things it eventually went away. I tried resetting router, restarting comp, graphic settings but it didn't go away until I finally chose not to use the ESO launcher (went straight to game\client\eso.exe).
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  • TheMachineKiller
    I moved a couple apartment buildings over recently and I also get the "Error: an error has occurred, please log in in a few minutes" error message every couple of hours (in predictable time intervals). I've talked back and forth with Zenimax CS and they threw everything they knew at me that they thought could fix it, but it's still occurring. I'm assuming its my ISPs fault. The game ran fine in the other pat building, just not in this one.
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  • gutterbunny
    Soul Shriven
    This happens to me a lot too. And it is very annoying. All my characters do this, I get to play for 5 minutes at a time, sometimes up to ten or fifteen, then crash. I think it may be a connection issue, but my connection has worked just fine up until two or three days ago. I took my laptop to work and there were no problems.
  • Evandus
    I am experiencing this error s well. I am rather frustrated as I keep dying in fights while trying to play. Log back in dead repeatedly. very, very annoying.

    Any idea what's causing this?
  • Makkir
    No clue. It is still happening. I tried a few others MMOs I have installed and none of them are crashing so I think my internet is fine. I also re-downloaded the ESO launcher and did not fix the issue.
  • gutterbunny
    Soul Shriven
    I was looking at a thread from the EU server and people have been reporting it there for over a month.
    Edited by gutterbunny on September 3, 2014 5:59AM
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