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I have a character!!!!!

Soul Shriven
Alright so I opened up the launcher and it started doing an update. Well right in the middle of it my internet cut out. So i closed out the launcher and came back to it later (decided to do other things instead) when i came back to it, it wasn't the normal update. It appeared to be doing some kind of repair, which i thought since my internet cut out during the update that this was expected. Naturally it took a really long time. After it finished i was excited to login to my account and finally play on my VR6 NB (in game name Jorgis) but you know what? HES GONE! GONE! *** GONE! i logged in it prompted me for an access code which, hi i've used this computer before. Then it played the opening cinematic. then it goes STRAIGHT to the character creation screen. and YES i have made sure 1000 times that it is the CORRECT login! SOMEONE HELP! i am having a mild panic attack. like i have put A TON of hard work into that friggin character! and now its just gone?!!?!? why?!?!?! please help.

edit: corrected "select" to "creation"
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  • scottdickey21_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    i just created a character named Jorgis with success. WHY IS MY CHARACTER GONE?! someone please help me :(
  • scottdickey21_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    HOLY CRAP WONDERFUL NEWS! Panic attack is over. See a number of weeks ago i was going to install the PTS, midway through i decided not to for reasons. Weeeeelll i had forgotten that ever since then every time i open the launcher it would try and install the PTS and never got around to posting about it or seeing if deleting the PTS folder would stop it. So i hid it from the launcher..... so when it looked like it was installing.... it was installing.. installing the PTS. and that's what i loaded into. which is why i didnt see my character. sorry to make such a big deal on a sunday! thanks for reading my panic attack in full detail.... ima go be stupid elsewhere now. hopefully someone gets a laugh out of this though!
  • ZOS_HugoP

    We are happy to hear that your issue has been resolved by itself. To avoid further situation like this one, open your launcher and do the following:
    • Click on options - the wheel on the top right corner
    • Select your preferred Megaserver and Language
    • Make sure the box "show PTS environment" is not marked
    • click on Apply
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