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No damage when hitting an enemey NPC from invisibility. Found out why.

I posted about this topic last week and received no response from a mod.

Basically, the problem is, when fight 2 or more NPC enemies and I kill the first NPC and then I use invisibility, I deal 0(zero) damage to the second NPC enemy. This happens in about half of my fights that I use the invisibility skill.

I figured out why this is happening and figured I'd post in case anyone else runs into this problem.

When the first NPC dies and I go into invisibility the second NPC will sometimes stop fighting and put his weapon away. If you attack the NPC while he is sheathing his/her weapon and you are invisible your hit will do no damage. You will also lose Magicka/Stamina or your Ultimate Ability points if you attack while this is happening.

I've also noticed that sometimes (rarely) if you are engaged in a fight and use invisibility the NPC or NPCs will stop the fight and regain all their HP.

Note: These are all solo fights this happens in. If you are in a group this probably will not happen because the enemy will agro the next player.
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  • Epona222
    I don't use stealth much, but this sounds like a pretty serious bug.

    It will get better attention if you report it in game using /bug (don't expect a response, but it will get logged as a bug if you report it that way).
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