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A few questions

Well I've been playing for several months now and even participated in the beta. In the past I've always gone with other people's builds who've performed well. Well, I'm done with that. I want to do my own research. I find I'm more successful in games and real life when I know how something works and not just that it works.

That being said, where can I go for source material? I'd like to know what stats impact the damage output of spells and skills, for example. I'd like to know caps on armor and hp at various levels. I'd like to know how much stats innately improve on each class. You get the idea - raw statistics.
  • Athas24
    There is an add-on at ESOUI that allows you to see the soft caps etc so you can play with your build a bit if you want to do your own research. There are also add-ons that show your damage and you can turn the active numbers for that on in the regular settings and begin to crunch away with your calculator! Let the fun begin! :)
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  • Nestor
    Foundry Tactical Combat is key to evaluating your build. It's the addon that puts all the flying numbers and text on the screen. You can see quickly what each of your builds do.

    Now, here is the cool thing. On the PTS (Public Test Server), you can load up a Template of a high level character and assign out your points as you want to. This way your not experimenting with a character you care about, nor are you have having to level to try out Morphs and higher level skills or paying for Respecs.

    For Spell damage calcs, see this

    Stamina ones are probably the same. The trick is to know which skills scale from Stamina, and which ones scale from Magic. It's not always clear which TBH.
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