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Werewolf Transformation Bugs.`

  • I transform and 80% of the time, I stay human, with werewolf speed, my basic attacks hit like a werewolf with speed and power, which is fine but, I can not leap, I can not howl, and devour does nothing as for animations, but DOES work, but you have to watch the wolf-timer and HOPE devour has begun, since there is no indication.

  • once, not as common, I transformed into wolf shape but, has ALL human speed, attack, was not able to use wolf special attacks OR human special attacks, was not able to devour.

    Did not change from looking like a wolf, rather, walked around in wolf-shape but remained human. I assumed I'd reset things if I built my ult, so I did, and then activated it...

    ...ten transformed into a HUMAN, with human powers. Worst. Transformation. Ever.

Can we fix these? I also have seen Packmaster buffs making no noticeable difference. Berserker morph seems less useful than I thought it would be, as the speed is not noticeably faster.

I am pretty happy with werewolves but, some of these bugs are crazy annoying.
Edited by TheOubliette on August 28, 2014 2:25PM
  • Iago
    I Transformed once and Looked like a WW and had WW attacks but I was stilll holding my swords
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    -Thomas Pain

  • Iradicus
    WW overall still needs a big buff, my main is a werewolf, but i have not used it much over the last months.
    There is no real point atm as all your attacks are weaker then in human form, you have no self heals apart for a potion and the skills are just bad. 1 jump and 1 fear... my nightblade vamp has those and extra....

    The bugs in them got to me to, ive seen bugged transformations, locked skills etc. But i encounter those in more classes then just the WW.

    I still love being a ww and keep hoping they get a nice change/buff. But i love my vamp just more nowadays, especially in pvp. (lots of stealthspeed buffs make me stealthrun faster then my horse)
    Edited by Iradicus on August 29, 2014 5:36AM
  • silvestru_liviueb17_ESO
    The Berserker morph is not working (the attack speed is not increasing), or it just increase just a bit for the first 2-3 hits then resets to normal.
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