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Soul Shriven
So, for those of you who haven't played a moba before: a short explanation. Normal casting goes as follows: you press the ability, a range or attack indicator pops up, you press the mouse key, boom. The advantage to this system is accuracy, the disadvantage: it takes foreeeeeever. Quickcasting removes the last two steps, so when you press an ability button (say... Storm Atronach) it immediately falls where you cursor is pointing. Now, I know that it would be harder to use quick casting in ESO, but I also think it would make combat much, much more responsive. And it could always be an option (in fact you could just take the entire system from LoL and make all action slots have the option of being quick cast). If anyone else would like this as well please comment cause I know it would make my gaming experience much happier.
  • Dragsooth
    I made a thread very similar to this:

    I agree, but it would definitely be hard for quickcasting to be implemented, but they can atleast allow you to cast a AoE with one button pressed twice, instead of two different buttons...
  • Doc_Baconb14_ESO
    I think quick casting would be pretty cool, but I understand the decision to not include it.
  • Yusuf
    No no no, i want to be exactly sure my negate magic hits all the intended targets and isn't landing 20 feet to their left.
  • Circuitous
    If there were an easy way to decide between quick and regular casting, I'd be all for it.

    (Holding a modifier button, holding the skill's button, something like that.)
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