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Time For A Break - Not a Goodbye :)

So, as many know I have been lucky enough to be involved with the Mac ESO client development since earliest beta testing when it became available (last February) and actually before via the PC client in Bootcamp. I have always had a passion for Mac gaming and always enjoyed TES games so this has been a great chance for me. But it's time I need to move on from posting here for a few reasons which I just wanted to share with you before my sub finishes tonight.

1. ESO - The Game

I love the TES world and lore and ZOS have done a really good job in bringing that to an MMO. The world is immersive and really well detailed while keeping a good feel for the existing lore. Journeying through the quests to level 50 was really enjoyable and I rarely encountered any game stopping issues myself. Together with a top end iMac it looks really great beating my expectations which is a great achievement given the limitations of their market coverage (notably computers up to five years old and 32-bit)

Personally once I hit Veteran content it felt a lot less fun and that's where it staled for me. I know others enjoy it and that's fine. We all have different expectations and enjoy different things. From reports and the latest The Road Ahead it seems that ZOS have listened and are taking active (and substantial) steps to address this which again reflects well their willingness to listen and adapt. This is good news for the longer term.

2. ESO Mac Client

As I mentioned I have a passion for Mac gaming and always looked to help others as I can to also enjoy games via our preferred OS. it has never been easy as a minority platform but it does pull players together and encourages a great community which is generally reflected in this forum section. There has been so much willingness to help others and also provide feedback to get this sorted. It's great to see and share that.

We all know there is still the BIG issue outstanding in the memory crashes especially in PvP. It is something that paying customers deserve resolution and the ability to play the game they paid to do so with their client of chose. it remains with ZOS to find a way to do this and there is little else to say on that matter.

I would take this chance though to say that apart from this issue, I have found the native Mac client (how often can we say those words?!) to be exceptional in both performance and stability. The memory issue not withstanding, it performs pretty much on par with the PC client in every way which is truly a testament to the development work of Chris Dillman and ZOS.

It is so frustrating that this memory issue remains especially given that otherwise it is working so well. But there are fundamental differences between the two clients that make it a non trivial problem. I am fortunate to have had some insight during beta testing etc. to see the desire and effort that is going towards this difficult task. It is some encouragement to know that these efforts continue and that, however tough it may be to resolve, they continue these efforts.

Other games just gave up at releasing the Mac client. This is not the case here and I am confident that it will get sorted. Also, that a 64-bit client that really will negate the underlying cause so that it works as intended; whenever that may be possible to release. Regardless the continue to work towards this issue and hopefully those efforts will bear fruit.

Bottom line, it is a real problem that continues to be worked on. I remain confident they will find the solution in time. Otherwise it is really great to have such a good native Mac client for us Mac gamers.

Finally, I would like to continue to help out as I can but the reality is that, as I don't play so often currently and money is tight, it makes no sense to renew my sub for now which runs out tonight. This means I wont be able to test and play as it gets updated. It also means that without an active sub I wont be able to post to this forum which will be strange after 1875 posts, checking each day for over seven months ;)

Thanks for all the support in this and also for al the help and efforts from everyone that posts. Even when we disagree it is still for a common goal. I do feel happier knowing their are plenty of other members better placed than I to offer technical help etc.

This is not a goodbye post! as I intend to return as things change with the game etc. In the meantime I will miss this place and you guys but happy that I had this chance to share a small part of the games evolution with you all. And let you know why I stopped posting ;)

For now I'll leave you with this quote;

Be resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount every difficulty to win victory.
Frandar Hunding
Edited by Moonraker on August 6, 2014 6:43PM
  • DuelWieldingCheesyPoofs
    I personally couldn't wait to get to vet lvl for the challenge on my alts, i love everything about eso except when they mess it up at patch day, it makes me feel like rage quiting but fact is i love it, and when it works its fantastic, i just wish i could get on lol in sure u be back next week
  • PrinceBoru
    Don't go!
    Moonraker has spoken.
    I can't agree or disagree performance-wise, as I am only V3 and PvP has not been where I spend my gaming hours.
    But man, that sucks.
    Moonraker knows what he is talking about.
    I will miss your insight.
    Us Mac gamers must stick together.
    It is odd.
    A lack of equal funding/effort despite the fact that OSX is so prevalent and superior nowadays.

    I would delve into the deepest, darkest dungeon with you Moonraker!

    Come back soon!

    (A note on my edit. It is necessary. Moonraker did not incite. Ever. I value the insight given, absorbed and used.)
    Edited by PrinceBoru on August 6, 2014 7:34PM
    It ain't easy being green.
  • ldwulfub17_ESO
    Wow, this is a shock for me... I played during the beta, bought two Imperial edition copies at launch with 6 month subscriptions all on the Mac platform. We stopped playing entirely for 1.5 months or so because it was so unstable (we enjoy Cyrodil and PVP). We haven't even made vet rank with our characters and we aren't hardcore gamers.

    But I have been to this forum many times to check issues, updates and I have read many many of Moonraker's posts. I could never decide if he was a community volunteer, unpaid employee or even fringe-benefit employee of some sort.

    I do feel like ZOS needs to think about the community leadership gap that will be left in the Mac community with Moonraker gone. (Yes, KFT is awesome too, but Moonraker and KFT actually worked together in many ways that one alone may not be able to sustain)...

  • Yshaar
    miss you already. ldwulf is right, totally agreed. ESP should award you a subscription.
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