How do I change username on forums

Hi ,
This is a forum based question .

To be honest I am not happy with the forum name I have and cannot change it - I have looked at heaps of things but can't seem to do it

Also my current username has parts of my surname in it which I am not comfortable with so I really need to change the forum username
  • Hagbard_OM
    Same here. I put in a request for a name change a while back but never heard anything back on it.
  • Daethz
    Ask for a namechange in your post, actually displaying which name you would like.
    That worked for me anyway.
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  • Hagbard_OM
    If possible, I would like Hagbard_OM. If that is unavailable, I would like Chaucer42.

  • ZOS_PierreL
    Hello @Hagbard_OM,

    An email has been sent to you for confirmation.
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  • seaef
    Ok @ZOS_PierreL, while you're on the subject...

    When I originally created my account, I used my primary email address which your system is incapable of delivering an email to, even though I get email from everyone else at that address with no trouble.

    Anyway, I created another account (this one) with a different email address so I could purchase the game. I've asked for the original account to be deleted and my username on this account changed to the other one. My ticket has been open for quite some time and I've received no help or a resolution.

    Please look into it for me? 140526-019979

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  • ZOS_MichelleA
    Hello, @cfurlin. Thank you for supplying us with your ticket number; we are looking into this now, and you should hear from an agent as soon as possible.
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  • seaef

    Yes and...nothing...

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  • Magdalina
    Um...I'm not sure you guys are gonna check this thread again, but could I maybe have a name change, too?^^ Just "Magdalina" would be very nice.

    EDIT: Why thank you, that was fast=)
    Edited by Magdalina on June 9, 2014 11:26AM
  • Ageless
    Any of the @ZOS people who can rename my account then? I requested it through CS, they told me they sent it to the correct department, and since that time total silence. That was end of April.

    If available, I'd like my nickname to be Ageless, or else Ageless

    Edit: With thanks for the speedy change. :)
    Edited by Ageless on June 9, 2014 11:09AM

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  • Morvoldo
    hi is there a way to change my User Name or just to Edit it please as i dont like it

    hate this mr_s_fisherb16_ESO2 just Morvoldo would be fine instead of my E-mail
    Edited by Morvoldo on June 10, 2014 8:44AM
  • Dayel
    Please change my User name to Dayel. Thank you.
  • Odditorium
    Please change mine to WarlordsOfMars. Thank you
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  • Salinea
    Soul Shriven
    Could you please change my forum username to Salinea? Thanks.
  • KarlosTheGrouch
    Please change my Name to: KarlosTheGrouch
  • IKilled007
    Please change my name to IKilled007.
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  • Yoshie
    Wow! I am elated that all of you are getting speedy changes ^-^ Mine was fast as well.
  • ESOcrafter
    Can you please change my forum name to ESOcrafter or if taken PactFTW or again if taken Enchanter4Hire
  • Miret
    Soul Shriven
    can I have mine changed too? :) I would much prefer Miret.
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  • VoteHaelga
    Hello, if at all possible can I have my forum name changed to VoteHaelga?
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  • LariahHunding
    Can you change mine to LariahHunding?
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  • Xozah
    I would like mine changed to Xozah
    Edited by Xozah on June 26, 2014 4:34PM
  • Vannor
    Same here, would like a change to Vannor, a name I have used since DAoC many, many years ago.
  • Nikkae
    Please change mine to Nikkae
    Thanks much! <3
  • Entropy773
    Soul Shriven
    Please change mine to Entropy or Entropy773 if taken. Thanks so much!
  • Leovolao
    Pls change mine to Leovolao
    Edited by Leovolao on July 6, 2014 5:11AM
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  • Night_Watch

    I could not use the name I wanted as the 'filter' would not allow it. I think I understand why the filter would not allow the name but thaught it a bit over the top.

    The name I wanted is made up of two words that form one and refer to a book title, painting title and type of guards person. I have used the name I wanted for many years in other forums and even had it chosen for me from a list of alternates I asked for on another gaming forum.

    The reason, I suspect, the filter would not allow the name I wanted is that the two words put together to make one word (for the name) is fine within itself but if picked apart it contains an unintended profanity - not an intended profanity. By picked apart, I mean that part of the first word is removed and this leaves the profanity. I might add that everyone I have spoken to about this has not seen the profanity until I point it out, I did not see it until it was filtered in a post (but not in user name) and (as mentioned) admins on another board did not see it and assigned me the name from a list of alts. Also, when I noticed the filtered name in another users post, I contacted the admins of the forum in question as I did not want a ban or infraction due to using the name and they assured me I had done no wrong and told me the name remained fine to use as it was quite innocent.

    Let's get something straight before I go on! I do not want to break any naming rules, use deliberate profanity or upset anyone. I just think it's a messed up world where people will see profanity where there is non and certainly non intended or even seen without deliberately trying to manufacture it from an otherwise innocent word or collection of words!

    Any ways! I'm not expecting a name change to the name I wanted but maybe a change to a varient could be arranged.

    The orignal name wanted;

    Take 'Day' from the current name I use and replace it with 'Night'.

    This is not likely to happen! So maybe;

    Take 'Day' from the current name I use and replace it with any of these (if allowed and available):


    I think all are reasonable and definately put a break between the two words and remove any chance of profanity - unintended, manufactured or percieved.

    If no change is allowed or available then I'm happy to keep the name I have.


    Curiosity got the better of me and I searched for the original wanted name. I found it is in use! Strange that when I went to setup my name I was not informed it was in use but that it was unacceptable (filter).

    Oh, well!

    Edit: Thanks for the change. :smiley:
    Edited by Night_Watch on July 7, 2014 10:15AM
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  • LrdRahvin
    Please change mine to Rahvin if available...LrdRahvin if not...thanks in advance
  • Malthorne
    Please change my name to Malthorne. Also, thanks in advance!
  • AlliahSvandis
    Soul Shriven
    Can you change mine to AlliahSvandis, thanks
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