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Official Discussion Thread for "Dan Bull Series Continues"

Community Manager
This is the official discussion thread for the blog article Dan Bull Series Continues. Which alliance's rap was your favorite?
Gina Bruno
Senior Community Manager
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  • Surinen
    The AD one made me cry.

    With hatred.

    It was horrible.

    He should feel ashamed.
    I agree.
    this kind of lowbrow ditty should not be promoted. it is bad, from very shallow text through horrible choice of music to vocal capabilities (chorus).

    "(...) series continues." I prefer to think that Zenimax warned us about this
    "run for your hearings!"

    hopefully one day someone will submit a proper Aldmeri hymn

  • jdoe
    Nooo! I waited for the AD! ... I actually enjoyed (and defended if you read the other forum thread) the other two; but it feels like he just wanted to complete the set and just threw something together :'(
  • Huckdabuck
    All three were cold piles of doggie doooooooooooooo.
    Texashighelf - VR16 Sorcerer EP NA - FILTHY BARBARIAN
    Texasimperial - VR16 Dragonknight EP NA - How do you like your DK?
    Texas'Imperial - VR16 Dragonknight DC NA - How do you like your DK?
    Texas-Imperial - VR16 Templar DC NA - Queue Clogging Lagsploitter
    Texas Highelf - VR16 Sorcerer DC NA - Queue Clogging Lagsploitter
    Texas Imperial - VR16 Nightblade DC NA - Queue Clogging Lagsploitter
    It's a very grey area.
  • Aggelos
    I love the Ebonheart Pact one! Best by far!
  • Adramelach
    Well, I think they've kind of lost their way. The one thing I could say about the Daggerfall one was that while I wasn't thrilled about it, it did seem like it was intended as a sort of battle-standard waving, pump-you-up kind of pre-battle anthem.

    These two... dunno, they seem more songs "about" the two other alliances, sort of characterizing each race and such, but both the music and the lyrics to me didn't really hang together or produce that same effect, nor really did it seem like they were even intended to. With these two, it wasn't clear to me what the intended purpose or theme was as much as with the first one.
    Standards must be very low if crap like that gets promoted by the developers.
  • Ophindis
    I think that the Daggerfall one was decent - it was a war song (well... rap). The Pact one was ok, not quite as enthusiastic as Daggerfalls...

    I didn't even finish listening to the Dominion one. I think it should be taken off the page, it's no good at all. I am certain that there are many youtubers that could make substantially better videos for the alliances than this.

    So - Daggerfall and Pact songs - tolerable. Dominion - definitely not
    Half the harm that is done in this world is caused by people who have power and want to feel important. They do not mean to do harm; they are simply absorbed in the useless struggle to think well of themselves.

    The other half are trolls :s
  • Allasz
    Soul Shriven
    Its really a sad thing that the official site of Elder Scrolls take place of these "arts". I dont like to judge rap itself, a lot of people love it and they have the right for it. But if you make something serious you should hold a standard what is valuable enought and what is not. Listen the music in the game. The main game musics, the bard songs, the lute and flute pieces, then listen this rap. Its like taking a sh.t on a da Vinci painting. Its really disappointing. You can take some drungs or a big amount of alcohol, then go to a disco to experience this, but this is really not the place for it. I hope it will be removed from the page and never hearten anyone again to make such a thing.
  • Mopar63
    I hate to be harsh but compared to Khajiit Like to Sneak these are pure crap.
    True honor need not be named
  • kdgeek
    Soul Shriven
    I liked the idea behind the Dominion rap, but the lyrics were poorly written and the performance poorly executed. It's by far my least favorite of the three of Dan Bull's songs. However, how many other people have taken the time to do something like this for each of the three factions?
  • gaclement_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Elder Scrolls and rap? Really?! Excuse me, but in what crappy universe are

    those two compatible? Rap is for thugs and posers, not Elder Scrolls. Please

    stop it and leave the rap on the street corners where it originated and where it

    belongs. Elder Scrolls is much too high class for that kind of Bull Squirt.
  • bluebloodb16_ESO
    CRAP !
  • Akris_Armora
    Soul Shriven
    Oco AD rap....what the hell....THAT SUCKED! I actually stopped listening to it just after the Khajiit! Why even mention stealing and pickpocketing if you can't even do those actions on ESO? The Ebonheart pact wasn't bad though
  • Harleyquincey
    See... I get why it's promoted and all. But to be fair only one of those songs is actually a proper song and that is the one for the Ebonheart Pact. Why? Simple.. because the other two (DC and AD) are simply using some standard game music and it shows that they are NOT meant to be used for lyrics. The instruments are far too dominant for this to work and they vanquish the rap parts, making them feel the way they do: hot-glued to something else.

    The EP one is different since it uses a custom song, something he must have made up himself and of course that fits his rhyme and voice far, far better (as in: at all).

    The way it is, it feels as if he just wanted to reap some publicity from this stunt and was shamed into at least submitting one proper piece. Not saying his skills aren't good - they clearly are - but you can't just dub over some instrumental theme and expect it to work well.

    To me Gavin Dunne (Miracle of Sounds) sets the standard of quality, just as someone already mentioned "Khajit like to sneak" there are several Elder Scrolls songs created by him and of course tons of others. Oh if only there was a collaboration between ZOS and him... *sigh* That'd be marvellous, heck I'd spend a good 15 bucks for some additional soundtrack that way...
    Edited by Harleyquincey on June 8, 2014 5:46AM
    EU Server
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    Co-Founder of [Black Manticore Brigade]
    Proud member of [Sigma Draconis] and [House Zar]
  • Adhal
    The garbage that gets called rap, I guess all it takes is talking over a beat these days....
  • bedford_jayb16_ESO
    Two heaps of Crap!
  • Salyyn
    So, out of the three, I'm going to guess Dan Bull plays for the Covenant, which is probably why the other to are so bad... Ah well, we of the Pact still have Malukah for our inspiration!
  • One-Winged
    Soul Shriven
  • Salyyn
    One-Winged wrote: »
    What? Did you ship your pants?

  • bedford_jayb16_ESO
    Salyyn wrote: »
    So, out of the three, I'm going to guess Dan Bull plays for the Covenant, which is probably why the other to are so bad... Ah well, we of the Pact still have Malukah for our inspiration!

    Malukah would have done a great job for all three.
  • Torus
    Soul Shriven
    This is one sure way to bring down a decent game and put a bad face on something the developers work hard to make good. Why would they allow this sort of thing to be associated with their work? This guy thinks he's Snoop Bieber.
    You need a group NOW! Patence Be Damned!
  • Gaettusk
    The EP one could be alright if the beat actually matched his flow and delivery.
  • s.vanslobbeb16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Absolutely horrible.
  • dannymcgr81b14_ESO
    That made my brain sad.
  • aipex8_ESO
    While I'm not crazy about his ESO raps, his Skyrim raps are quite good:
  • Rev Rielle
    Rev Rielle
    "We're tall enough to take things off very high shelves"
    That made me laugh, thanks :smile:

    I thought the Ebonheart Pact flowed quite nicely, well done! Overall a lot of the lyrics are quite clever. Nice work.

    In response to all the people that seem to define themselves and their self-worth through hating:
    He obvious enjoys doing this and well done to him for doing so. Of course it's not to 'professional' standard, and there's a good reason for that. It's a bit of fun, and whilst I'm not into rap really I still can appreciate these and enjoy them. Well done, Dan.

    If you can be anything, be kind.
    Rev Rielle wrote: »
    In response to all the people that seem to define themselves and their self-worth through hating:
    He obvious enjoys doing this and well done to him for doing so.

    OR he is just one of those guys who are so desperate to get some fame so he makes songs about current and well known video games (which is just embarrassing).
    Edited by IIxGH0STxII on June 25, 2014 9:40PM
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