RP characters - Which faction? ((OOC Question))

I've seen a general leaning of AD > EP > DC for RP in the guild recruitment section, and I was wondering... Will the faction I choose affect my RP opportunities? My problem is that I love playing Khajiit, but I really dislike the Aldmeri. I can roll any faction, but I don't know... Now that I've gotten a fair way into veteran levels and am slowing down on my main, I'm looking to create an RP character. I even activated a second account so that I can keep everything completely separate and not be bothered when I'm on one or the other.

So, will faction affect RP much? For people actively seeking RP, does it happen much outside of guild-related events, on any faction?
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  • Dekkameron
    Khajiit are one of those races that can be found everywhere doing literally anything so it's a good race choice to play on other factions.

    I am unsure which faction has the biggest RP community, i keep hearing it's AD but i haven't encountered anyone RP'ing personally.
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  • jbfroik
    The RP I encounter in EP is mostly slurs thrown at Argonians by Dunmer :p but there is a pretty good amount of it that i have seen going on around.
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