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[EU Trading Guild]Jita IV-IV Tradehub is back in business

Please check my latest post in this thread for newest information.

The trading guild Jita IV-IV Tradehub (100+ Members) is looking for active players who are interested in buying & selling stuff.
The guild is currently rebooting, we used to have 500 Members, which is the maximum and we will go there again.
Yes, the name is a reference to Eve Online, but that does not mean that only fellow Eve players are welcome, allthough a good percentage of current traders DO or USED TO play Eve.

The Guild Bank is not available for public use. This guild exists for the purpose of creating profit for everyone in it. The Guild Bank does not provide you with an opportunity to earn money, except by stealing anyone else's items, which is something we do not encourage.

We will not be dictating prices, we think an item is worth as much as anyone is willing to pay for it. For buyers that means: Be sure what you want to buy at what price. For sellers that means: Think about your prices, you won't sell anything when you ridiculously overcharge all your wares.

We will be monitoring player activity and replace traders who weren't online or didn't buy / sell items for a long period without letting any officer know about an AFK time.

Crafters can contact one of the Guild Managers or the CEO to get a Membernote attached to them in the guild roster view in order to advertise what kind of items you can craft.

If you are interested, send me a PM with your Account or Character Name, and i will invite you to the guild as soon as i am online ingame.
Do's and Dont's (aka RULES):
DO trade via the guild chat
DO invite other people into the guild if you have the time
DO report inappropriate behaviour to a person in charge

DONT spam in the guild chat.
DONT be rude / insult others.
14+ Days inactive=kick
Edited by Elder_Thorn on April 13, 2015 10:33PM
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