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What counts as being "near a keep"

So the reach passive in alliance war says you have 5m range increase when "near a keep", but it doesn't say what counts as being near a keep. I have a strategy im thinking about using involving focused aim,reach, and silver leash, but I have no idea if it will work until I can get that passive. Im trying to get enough range on silver leash to pull people either off the wall or onto the wall so my team mates can quickly dispatch them. So does being near the wall or on it count or do I have to actually be on top of the keep?
  • vandefanel
    I know this is a few days ago but im going to answer about your strategy not your initial question since I doubt many people have been able to prove one way or other. Silver Leash only pulls Daedra, Undead and if skilled Werewolves, not only has their been a dramatic drop off in the players with the 2 skill lines last I played with it the pull component of silver leash doesnt work on undead / werewolf players albeit unintended.
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  • xxslam48xxb14_ESO
    Hmm idk I havent tried it, but in another thread someone said he got it to work on everything.

    Here is what he said but I really cant confirm, "no it work on everything... after repeted test today I pulled out (lol didn't relaize the word play until the post was completed ^^') 43 pull effect out of 50 try on a mix of human, zombie and animals... there is actualy a little trick to it...

    the trick is... don't spam ^^' you just have to wait around half a second before clicking the skill again... if you do it too fast it will not work... if you wait too much it will not work either... you just have to try... and try... and try again... until you get the right timing (as it seem during my previous test I just missed the right timing window going from too fast to to slow -_-')... once you get it just use it for a bit and it will become automatic... the timing is a bit more than what the normal gcd between 2 consective use will let you do... for those that have played sorc is almost the same as crystal shard spamming... you wait a bit before casting the next shard in order to get perma CC... if you do it too fast you hit the target while still under the first shard CC... if you do it too slow you get hit by the instant cast ranged attack...

    so... just a matter of timing... no bug here... but surely thay could make it a little more responsive and more intuitive in it's use ^^'"

    So maybe its a error on the players part since he says he got it to work on everything.
  • dsalter
    Reason leash wont work (it works on nearly all targets in PvE) is that the knock down triggers CC immunity, the pull is a CC. so the pull doesnt trigger but still takes the stamina cost.
    when it's blocked it's completely shunned anyways
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  • SolracsSeeker
    Soul Shriven
    Being near a keep to me means that you are in the zone labeled as Ash Keep (for instance). IF you move to the outer area called Fort Ash Grounds you are no longer near the keep. This also goes for defense rewards and when you initially take over a keep for bonus AP gain.
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