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Post patch vamp changes?

Soul Shriven
Someone was going on about how after the patch every character with vampirism that is below character level 40 will have vamp and all vamp abilities removed?

Is that true? Or are they just changing the quest to prevent players below 40 from becoming one?
  • Viblo
    Vamps were not mentioned at all in the patch notes that I saw...
  • nerevarine1138
    Definitely nothing in this patch about that. I don't even remember seeing anything about that in the 1.1 notes.
  • Natjur
    My level 10 vamp looks fine after patch 1.06 and it does not say anything about it in patch 1.1

    I think someone is trolling you.
  • WraithAzraiel
    You are being trolled
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  • sociald100ub17_ESO
    balancing changes are still on test server, this patch just has fixes.
  • Gedalya
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  • Timothy.Neeseb14_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I just completed the initial Vampire quest yesterday and after the patch was given the same quest again. I completed it and was awarded no xp but while doing the quest I had both a stage 1 debuff and a stage 2 debuff.
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