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Tamriel Festival (fishing derby, horse racing, archery competition, and dueling tournament)

Imagine people scattered throughout Tamriel celebrate a few times a year by throwing a festival. As you walk around a major city, you see jesters dancing, jugglers juggling, acrobats performing. Chefs walk around selling their meats and cheeses for their guests to enjoy. And don’t forget wine, mead, and ale to wash it down. You hear a catchy tune as a Bard plays their favorite instrument. Meanwhile, you look off in the distance and see banners for tournaments and games, such as:

Fishing Derby
Players competing in the fishing derby will try to be the first to catch and turn in 30 fishing trophies from tournament waters. Winning the fishing derby will award the player an achievement "Master Fisherman."

Horse Racing
Players saddle up on their trusty steed and go head-to-head around an oval track. Players watching the event may place bets at the gambling station before the event starts, where they can stake gold on a particular player. Winning a horse race will award the player an achievement "Master Racer."

Archery Competition
Players competing in the archery competition will try to shoots as many targets with the bow as possible in little time. The targets are marked with 10 evenly spaced concentric rings, which have score values from 1 to 10 assigned to them. The score is summed for all arrows at the end. Winning the archery competition will award the player an achievement "Master Bowman."

Dueling Tournament
Players may compete in the dueling tournament to test their combat skills against other players of the same faction. To duel, you must enter a dueling circle. Dueling circles are large circles with a stone perimeter. If a player leaves the stone perimeter or their health is reduced to 1, they lose the duel. Players cannot die from dueling. Winning the dueling tournament will award the player an achievement "Master Dueler."

This would be a great addition for a future content patch; increasing immersion and making the world feel alive. This festival could also correspond to important Holidays mentioned in lore. Thoughts?
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