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Share your templar build

I had someone recently ask me what my Templar build was so I figured id throw it out there in case anyone else wanted to know.
My templar typically switches between running a Bow/OH and shield to popping on a Resto staff for PvP and dungeons. Some people have criticized my skill tree decisions, but as far as I am concerned it works amazing. Feel free to poke around and discuss. If you want to make your own build for others ot view then use the ESOhead tool:

ESO Head Skill Calculator

My Templar:
Dagnome VR:2
Edited by dagnome on April 28, 2014 11:40AM
  • highrisedrifter
    I've gone with the same weapon choices as you for both PvE and PvP too and my PvE build is very similar to yours except I have gone for Biting Jabs instead of the Binding Javelin for the 1H shield skill set line (still have Javelin for Bow skill set) and Vampire's bane instead of Unstable Core.

    I haven't really looked into Unstable Core, would you say it is a better complement than Vampire's bane for the up-close-and-personal 1H skills?
  • dagnome
    I like Unstable core, its a nice way to nullify most ranged mage spells plus the AOE damage after they are killed or the effect wears off is nice. I usually pop that on any mages or healers while I am taking out their melee companions. In PvP its nice because people dont expect it, and I hardly see anyone use it. Got an annoying mage that is killing everyone with fireballs? Pop Unstable core on them and those fireballs go bouncing right back to them. Works great for those pesky NPC mages on the walls and in resource areas.
  • dbishop
    Just unlocked Eclipse - Unstable Core and where has it been all my leveling days. All those annoying healers tagging mobs and bosses are now fixed.

    Sorry bout the necro but just wanted to share.
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