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State of the Game Address

  • Jessabella
    Wonderful! I have been patiently waiting on PTS to reopen. I can't wait to test out the new stuff! <3
    Mara's Tester <3Psijic Order/PTS Tester
    Jessabella >:)Belladonna Bacia >:)Serves her Master >:)Aurora Rose
    Mara's Moxie <3The Sidekick Order <3The Psijic Order <3Elder Moot
    And my big fat Naked Nord :pAte my Clothes
  • davidmendez1134ub17_ESO
    Thx for the update
  • mcramer3dartistb14_ESO
    Contrary to some reports, exploitation of this bug did not result in destabilizing the ESO economy in any way. - That comment is what makes me ( one of your biggest supports and streamers on twitch ) want to quit your game. Either A. You are blind at what it really did, or B. Don't want to acknowledge the full, complete, problem.
    Edited by mcramer3dartistb14_ESO on April 23, 2014 4:29AM
  • Noswell
    Good stuff. One of these a week would really be welcome if you have the time :)
  • fantom
    ESO's forum layout sucks, that's no surprise.

    Personally I haven't had gamebreaking issues at all, and the in game world seems just as populated as ever, and I'm in veteran content. Actually it's gotten more populated as people hit 50.

    We'll see how long it takes them to get the Adventure Zone rolled out and how that content works. That'll be the turning point good or bad for ESO.
  • cobbdb14_ESO
    Thanks for the update. I've really enjoyed this game so far and am excited to see what the future holds.
  • Gadamlub14_ESO
    Phenomen wrote: »
    No information on EU server? That's pathetic. There is no chance you get my $15 next month.

    someone didnt read the subscription ToS.

    they can get your 15$ for next month whether you like it or not.
  • AstroCat
    forums dead, economy dead, company dead, game soon to be dead.
    What in the world are you even talking about!? You are a joke right?

    Edited by AstroCat on April 23, 2014 4:48AM
  • AstroCat
    Thanks for the update, and more communication is a must!
    Edited by AstroCat on April 23, 2014 4:48AM
  • Verzwei
    Fingers are crossed for some class/weapon ability fixes once the major quest bugs are sorted out. Nightblade's kit is in a rather disappointing place. Haste doesn't provide attack speed after morphing, Leeching Strikes only returns 2.4% max health instead of 4% like the tooltip states, there are a few passives that don't work or don't trigger properly, etc. etc.

    Definitely understand that account, character, and quest bugs need priority, just hoping to see some of this "smaller stuff" worked on soon.
  • Kaytlin
    Hey here is a novel concept to combat gold sellers....Don't buy from them!.... If they have no buyers they will disappear! Not too complicated.
    As for those having problems with Cyrodiil, Not sure where you are playing but I have been in groups of over 150 players on our side, and no lag issues. If you are having lag try setting video to medium rather than ultra!
    Broken quests.. Well I can think of many so called legendary games (WOW, for example) that were far worse in their first 2 weeks.
    This is the best game out there right now for many of my friends. If it's not for you sorry, there are other games out there for you to try and find your ideal. Hope it works out for ya!
  • haoleflipub17_ESO
    TGEK wrote: »
    This game needs open world pvp.

    Edited by ZOS_LeroyW on April 23, 2014 5:27AM
    Keep up the good work... You guys are getting there and I for one appreciate all the hard work you are putting into it.... But we do need a cute Female Khajiit avatar on the forum though :)
    The statement "if you put enough monkeys behind enough typewriters... sooner or later one will produce the works of Shakespeare" has sadly been proven utterly wrong by the internet...
  • Zolyok
    Stop asking for new feature guys the game need to be fixed for the moment

    Good work i really love the game
    When yo usay 7 to 10 day before patch release it usually mean 15 day in mmo.It's a very long time to wait.
    Not a word about Bot ??? Seriously ???
    You're starting skill balancing now ? This is the worst moment for that, lot of player are pretty pissed off, most are nervous.
    You made some dangerous choice be carefull with skill "tweak" players are really susceptible with that.
  • Hilgara
    They need to get round to some balancing patches and fix some of the broken abilities. The NB for one is seriously gimped with so many broken abilities
  • Sunstone
    Since the update 22/04/2014 - I and many guild members have been getting lots of disconnects when someone joins a party in pvp. Also loosing leader status and have it given to a random person on disconnect is quite annoying. Oh and sometimes a party can be formed with no leader in pve/dungeons.
  • Tajich
    TGEK wrote: »
    This game needs open world pvp.


    It has open world PvP: Cyrodill. They just need to increase the quest experience
    points by 200%
    Edited by Tajich on April 23, 2014 6:21AM
  • Flayedalive
    Thank you for the update. It's good to know you're combatting all the gold spammers and bots.

    Since patch 1.05 I have been crashing a lot, several times a night for doing the most mundane things in the game and once on initiating combat.
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