Consequences are Far Reaching

Soul Shriven
Hi Everyone,

Since the servers are down I figured I'd share a little story with you about how this downtime has affected me and my family.

First a little background on me. I am a fairly wealthy attorney. I live in an upscale neighborhood on the west coast. I consider myself very fortunate to have the things I have. So I'm not so concerned about the cost vs. benefit of this game as some of you are. I spend that much money on lunch. I am usually working a lot as well so I don't have that much time to play nor be bothered with game politics and customer service gripes.

However, I have a teenage nephew who lives on the east coast who is not so fortunate. He lives in a very rough neighborhood where going outside at the wrong time of day can be deadly. So, he plays video games mostly. A few months ago I even offered to his mother to have him come live with me so that he can focus on his schooling rather than worrying whether or not he will actually make it to school. She is a very proud lady and declined my offer.

That being said, he and I use online video games to connect and maintain a relationship with each other from across country. He and I are very big fans of The Elder Scrolls series so this was the perfect chance for us to bond given the distance between us. But with the rampant bugs, downtime, and overall inability to log in, this game has been almost unplayable for both of us. I've been telling him "wait it out, it will get better" but he insists that it's just not worth the effort anymore.

So, the other day, instead of logging in at his usual time that we play together, he decides he's just going to go to the playground and shoot some hoops. Well guess what? He got jumped by a bunch of guys. Now his mom is scared and reconsidering my offer. Thanks Zenimax. You got my nephew beat up and he's moving to Bel Air.
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  • felixgamingx1
  • IlliadOfSnowhawkClan
    So... what you're saying, Phil, is that Zenimax has enabled your nephew to attain a better life?
  • thegamekittenub17_ESO
    Love this...+100
  • Winke
    yes yes yesss!! thank you for this lololol
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  • acespades100
    Did he whistle a cab to Bel-Air lol
  • IlliadOfSnowhawkClan
    I'm sure he'll be a prince in no time.
  • surfbat
    Soul Shriven
    5 minutes since I first read this and I'm still cracking up.
  • adrenalytic
    Soul Shriven
    surfbat wrote: »
    5 minutes since I first read this and I'm still cracking up.

    :) Happy to oblige. This forum needs more cheer.

  • MCoverKT
    That's pretty fresh! Well, smell you later
  • Sarabande
    I can't believe he got in one little fight and his mom got scared. That's just too bad.

    (I'm crying with laughter over here ... )
  • Colbane
    Better watch out, the forum nazis will complain when they see this isn't a customer issue! :wink:
  • seventhsymbol
    Omfg. This is so good. Totally got me.

    Edit: Like, I seriously got upset that your nephew got jumped. lmao. /cries
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    adrenalytic you are my all time favourite poster.
  • Valison
    Best post on these forums so far.
  • adrenalytic
    Soul Shriven
    Colbane wrote: »
    Better watch out, the forum nazis will complain when they see this isn't a customer issue! :wink:

    If it brings joy to the masses in this time of need, I will just repost it.

    circilion wrote: »

    adrenalytic you are my all time favourite poster.

    Thanks! I love you too.

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    lol! This was so spot on to every d.b. on the interwebz! 10/10
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    Soul Shriven
    Yo *** to Bel Air!
  • Jadeviper1974
    I think the cola I just shot through my nose cleared my sinuses. Thanks!
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