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To the admins of this forum: can we please have some posts stickied?

If it is possible at all, and in compliance with company policies, could we please make suggestions to you about threads that should be stickied to the top, and thus are more easily visible? This might diminish the starting of new threads with the same topics all over, and enable people to find help to the most common problems faster.

These threads could be frequently recurring topics, like crashes of the Mac client:
Cyrodiil & Other Memory Related CRASHES - Post Feedback & Reports Here

Some other threads come to mind, which are helpful in ad-hoc problem solving, like:

I'm sure other topics come to mind, too. Someone (i.e. @Moonraker *hint hint, nudge nudge*) might even write up a FRPAPS (frequently reported problems and their possible solutions). :smiley:
  • Moonraker
    I'm actually already asked for this and should get Mac Known Issues updated soon (it has been a bit but it's not written very clearly as it is and some things need to go etc.) I also suggested a FAQ sticky for common issues and suggestions both for the client and launcher which are separate things.

    Possibly a third sticky with useful links and links to common questions etc.

    These have to be done indirectly as they don't allow players access to these things, at least not yet.

    I would have done it sooner but some issues, especially for the Launcher are many and varied so hard to be specific. Hopefully a further update on that will resolve much of this and any remaining can be more clearly identified and workarounds provided where possible.

    It's a very good idea and will help both ZOS staff and ourselves when facing the same questions being posted. Hopefully it can be sorted for next week.
  • Monsoon
    First they would have to acknowledge officially that the mac client is borked
    Then they would have to give an ETA for the fixes and that is probably not going to happen.

    I now believe the crashes are a way to let the players know to take a break...or to relieve the stress on the server...naaaah the client is just borked
  • KhajitFurTrader
    Monsoon wrote: »
    I now believe the crashes are a way to let the players know to take a break...or to relieve the stress on the server...naaaah the client is just borked

    I choose to believe that the above has invisible irony tags. ;)

    No-one denies the problems the Mac client currently has. That doesn't mean they have to come right out and say that it's currently "borked", because that wouldn't be smart from a business perspective. Quietly find a solution first, then "sell" it to the public as a good thing. Win-win situation. And from the same business perspective, stress on the servers is the best thing that can happen right now, so why knowingly gimp themselves? :)

    Anyway, there are some fundamental laws of software design at work here:
    • if the problem were easy to find and to fix, it would have been done so long ago
    • if the bug was found, but not easy to fix, a viable solution among all possible approaches would have to be decided on and implemented, preferably without rewriting a major proportion of the code of the system in question
    • any solution would have to be thoroughly tested and QA'd, to verify that the original issue was addressed appropriately, and that no new issues were introduced as a side effect
    • repeat the above process as necessary

    All of this takes time. As long a there are highly visible workarounds in these forums, the bug(s) can be categorized as "inconvenient, fix asap", but needn't to be as "show-stopping".
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