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Chrome Remote Desktop and ESO

So I have a big gaming computer at home with ESO installed. I'm a student and have a Samsung Chromebook for light use while on campus. I can use chrome remote desktop to do plenty of things and play other games on my gaming computer from my Chromebook and it's pretty nice. Now I'm not sure if it's because ESO isn't in true full screen mode, but when I try to use it remotely, it spazzes out, spinning the camera around my character insanely fast. I think this is because my cursor isn't attached in game and is giving the game the raw input (which is much faster since it's not stuck in the center of the display behind the game) causing fast spinning of the camera and forcing the camera looking at the top of my character towards the ground.

Has anyone tried using any remote software to play ESO, and specifically Chrome Remote Desktop? Since I can't exactly install programs to ChromeOS, I am stuck with this. I feel silly, but I can't find the option to disable raw mouse input to try out for myself if this will fix it or not.
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