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Scars never Fade - bugged

Hello, I'm currently stuck on the quest "Scars never fade" in grahtwood. I have to fight an Argonian hunter but there aren't any and they are not spawming either.

is this already a known issue?
  • TontelDoos
    Soul Shriven
    beeen bugged whole day.
  • Throttlex
    still bugged
  • Aleswall
    Bugged here too.
  • Damnotron
    bugged for all. why support isnt answering at all? facepalm support...
  • Jnaathra
  • karldavy149b16_ESO
    it is bugged yes but if u have the persuade skill which frankly why wouldnt u given 300+ skill points and money u could save you can just persuade her to tell you and u can move on with the quest its not a fix but if your a completionist like myself its better than coming back in a few weeks once its fixed

    tested and worked 5 mins ago
    Edited by karldavy149b16_ESO on April 6, 2014 2:11PM
  • eruexe
    sigh bugged, too weird that I have to waste 2 SP for alternate courses like intimidate and persuade
  • Ummaguma
    so not amused :neutral_face:
    I may or may not be spending too much time with Sheogorath, but I cant help it... He makes the BEST Nachos! >:)
  • Friar16
    Okey, this is how the quest worked again for me: i disbanded the quest and activated it again. I then went to the argonian who wants me to fight one of her hunters. I previously did not chose the persuave option but i did now and i was able to continue the quest.

    I hope this helps for the rest of you.

    note: also i did not see Kardavy's comment. it does indeed work when the persuave option is chosen!
    Edited by Friar16 on April 8, 2014 9:41AM
  • Blevin
    I'm stuck on this quest too. I've tried relogging and abandoning the quest, but can't get past the part where you're supposed to Duel a Hunter.
  • quickthorn
    Bugged for me too.
  • moXrox
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  • Boutique_All
    Still bugged...bugger... I've been finding at least one every 10 levels...
  • Limiara
  • pad11
    Really don't want to have to back track, do any mages guild quests to get Persuasion skill...reason being from an immersion standpoint, I'm not a mage! I mean I fight well enough and since there is no Thieves Guild yet, i at least felt OK doing the fighters guild stuff...I know i'm leaving potential skill points on the table but i'm trying to RPG this bugger and that just would seem odd to me! I don't want this toon to be a caster...only the world power w/ the soul gems...just a personal preference and this kind of bug really kills it! Here's hoping i can try again and get it to spawn correctly or I'll hope that it gets fixed soon! If anyone comes up w/ any other workaround, do tell! :)
  • jose92
    Still bugged :(
  • Qhival
    4 days and counting
    -Archival -Templar, NA
  • blackcules
    And still bugged.
  • Azzouron
    It's still bugged . Has anyone managed to complete it without the persuade skill ?
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  • Darka
    Tried the usual, and nothing
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  • Zukie
    Still bugged.
  • Splintermans
  • Emrod
    All right.... It's been more than two days and 6 times that I abandon the quest and do it again from teh beginning... It does not solve the problem... No hunter to fight with. Why the support is not answering ? That would be nice to get an answer here...
    Anar kaluva tielyanna !
  • uncabewe
    Still bugged. Waited several days to come back. Already abandoned quest and did everything else. Maybe this is being saved for maintenance downtime........
  • tobias.brannasb16_ESO
    Why is this not FIXED?!
  • Floppyjo
    2017 and this has still not been fixed ... nice. Crown purchases have ceased at this time.
  • Phantorang
    Still bugged, August 2017
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