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[EU-AD] TheCrusaders PVE-PVP-Crafting-Social-Family type guild


For more than 15 years TheCrusaders has been home to gamers from around the world and all walks of life.We pride ourselves on being more like an online family,accepting all ages into the fold.

We first came together in Mir2 as a guild called SoulSeekers, remaking ourselves as TheCrusaders and progressed to quite a few other games over the years (including Lotro,everquest,ddo and many more).

The guild size and presence has waxed and waned over the years with many people coming and going as our lives and games have changed, a lot of our original members were still at school when we started out!.

Thanks to Zenimax and ESO we have a new focus, the new website is being tweaked and polished, and its time to gather more new friends for some brave new adventures (and probably lots of deaths...)

You won’t find any play time quotas, extensive guild taxes, mandatory events, or drama-laden infighting here. Obviously events are organised as and when they are needed. We’ll do dungeons, skirmishes and challenge content as it’s added, we will be having a go at everything ESO has to offer.

We have a range of members with different play styles Raids,Dungeons,Solo,Casuals,PVP, and crafting. Some have role-played to some extent in the past and others haven't (i still have some funny shaped dice somewhere!!) whilst RP isn't our focus, its something we enjoy seeing.

We strive to help others and our reputation as a good, honorable and trustworthy guild precedes us.

We like to use mumble but it’s not enforced

We are mainly English but are happy to accept members who use English as a second language and we are not limited to European players.

We don’t cheat, we don’t exploit, we don’t abuse mechanics. We’re here to play the games we play together and build friendships.And above all else have FUN, after all that's why we are here in the first place

If your interested please take the time to visit our website and fill in an application, and by all means ask questions here or in pm

in game contacts @Rebosi @Maddeva @Mc_Duff @Skrollax

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