Spending Attribute Points For Your Custom Class [Guide]

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    Shineko wrote: »
    Pure Healer (for off Healer see Spell Sword or Mage)
    Everyone shut up, I'm trying to heal.
    Recommended Attribute Ratio [MP:HP:STA]: 4:3:0, 4:2:0 (blaze it), 4:1:0, 1:0:0
    • Pick a class that has a healing specialization [such as Templar]
    • Your absolute main priority is going to be Mana. Unlike other classes who rely on killing things, yours is keeping things alive at all times.
    • This is most viable for group PvE and PvP but is terrible at Solo PvE.
    • Light Armor will be very beneficial for the Mana Regen. Heavy armor is a waste of HP Regen. Just augment it with HP Attribute Points.
    • This is one of the only classes that can get away with more Mana than HP. Always have enough HP to survive a burst attack, other than that. You need mana. 4:2:0 works best. 4:1:0 is riskier. 4:3:0 is safer but might result in sub-optimal burst healing.

    Sorry to pick apart your post...but with builds, there is SO much more than just attribute points and I, personally, feel that blanketed statements regarding attribute placement *(I.E. all into HP, or MP, or any number of ratios people use) is very misleading.

    What makes a good build has much more involvement than placing a set number of points here or there. Though a general rule of thumb could work for a complete newbie, ideally, once a higher level of understanding regarding mechanics takes place, you should consider aiming for a number of health. REGARDLESS of how you obtain that number....through CP, AP, Glyphs, etc.

    The number matters, not how you get there...and that number will ebb and flow depending on each unique build.

    As a healer, I resent the above in bold.

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    LOL, I realized how old this post is....

    Well...carry on.
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    What do you suggest for an Umbrila Assassin that is Stamina based? I Don't even have a magic bar. My "magic" is stamina based.
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    @SocialAssassin this thread is from 2014.
    Don't listen to a word of it.
    Go all into stamina.
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