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Xbox Patch Notes v1.36.0.0 | Gold Road & Update 42

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Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v1.36.0.0 and our latest Chapter: Gold Road! Investigate the return of Ithelia, a Daedric Prince never seen before in the Elder Scrolls series. Uncover the schemes of her most devoted followers and protect Tamriel from the chaos of unbridled change.

Venture into West Weald, home to the wealthy Colovian Imperials and the city of Skingrad. Encounter a bountiful region first seen in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, now beset by Daedric incursions and the encroaching jungles of Valenwood. Or you can play with the nature of magic itself with Scribing, an all-new game system unique to Gold Road. Collect and customize skills to tailor your builds, granting you the power and freedom to truly play your way.

There’s a variety of new things to collect including new item sets, Mythic items, mounts, pets, even 22 new Skill Styles which are new color variations of popular existing skills. And you won’t want to miss the new 12-player Trial, Lucent Citadel, which has some surprises along the way.

The base game adds improvements for NPC and remote player character resolutions, several updates to game mail, and added a new state to health bars for healing immunity. We’ve also joined the Xbox initiative to make steps toward a more sustainable gaming future by introducing some environmental sustainability features.

Please note all fixes listed in the PC v10.0.6 patch notes will be included in the next console incremental patch. We look forward to welcoming you to Gold Road, which is approximately 57.6GB for XB1 and 56GB for XBX in size. Thanks and enjoy!

  • Overview
  • New Features / Updates / Big Changes
    • Gold Road Chapter
      • New Zone – West Weald
      • Mirrormoor Incursions
      • Scribing
      • Skill Styling
      • New Trial – Lucent Citadel
      • New Item Sets
      • New Mythic Items
      • New Antiquities
      • New Collectibles
      • New Tales of Tribute Deck: Saint Alessia
      • New Homes
      • New Furnishings
      • New Xbox Achievements
    • Update 42 Base Game
      • Mail Improvements
      • Hireling Correspondence
      • Mail Expiration Changes
      • Guild Trader Timers
      • Character Resolution
      • New Environmental Sustainability Features
      • Healing Immunity on Health Bars
      • New Achievements
  • Combat & Gameplay
    • Combat & Abilities
    • Itemization & Item Sets
    • Companions
  • Fixes & Improvements
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    Gold Road Chapter

    New Zone – West Weald
    Prepare for adventure as you enter West Weald, a rich, Colovian Imperial territory ruled by Count Calantius of Skingrad. Located just west of Cyrodiil and east of the Gold Coast, West Weald remains a stronghold of Imperial prosperity. Vineyards, lumber camps, and strong trade routes contribute to the wealth of the region as the Imperial Legions protect its borders. But life is suddenly less quiet under the autumn eaves shading the Gold Road, and nothing will ever be the same…
    • To begin your adventures in West Weald, you can choose from among the following:
      • Create a new character and play through the Tutorial
      • Use the Wayshrine located in Skingrad
      • Travel to your alliance capital and take the caravan to West Weald
    • After you arrive in West Weald, an old friend, Leramil, greets you with news of the Forgotten Daedric Prince you discovered at the end of Necrom. She needs your help to investigate unusual activity in West Weald and discover its ties to Ithelia as part of the Zone Story.
    • In addition to the Zone Story, the Gold Road chapter includes the following activities:
      • Nine full-length Objectives, some tied directly to the Zone Story but completable in any order
      • Six delves, each with its own Skyshard and delve boss
      • Two Public Dungeons: Silorn, an ancient Ayleid Ruin and Leftwheal, a coastal trading post under attack by Mirrormoor forces
      • New world events – Mirrormoor Incursions
      • Six world bosses throughout West Weald
      • The Lucent Citadel 12-player trial
      • Three new set crafting locations
      • Many additional quests and discoverable activities
      • A special “capper” quest, available to those who have completed both Necrom and West Weald storylines

    Mirrormoor Incursions
    As the followers of the Forgotten Prince search desperately for her, her forces in Mirrormoor do not lie dormant. They have found a means to enter Tamriel in the hopes of reuniting with Ithelia. These Incursions from Mirrormoor dot the landscape of West Weald spreading Ithelia’s minions as they pour forth from her realm. You can seek out the generals and leaders of the Mirrormoor forces before ultimately defeating the stalwart champions bursting from the lands beyond.
    • Seek out Mirrormoor Incursion sites within West Weald and first defeat the leaders powering the Incursions before fighting the powerful champions. Mirrormoor Incursions will appear with an icon on your map when they are active.
    • Earn special rewards and achievements for defeating the Incursion leaders and champions both and keep West Weald safe from the emerging forces.

    We're very excited to introduce you to Scribing, a new system focused around combat that gives you the ability to customize 11 new skills to suit your playstyle. Go on an exciting adventure with the Mages Guild and learn how to scribe your own customizable skills. As you explore the Scholarium beneath Eyevea and plumb the secrets of the past you'll earn new skills, new Scripts, Skill Styles, and a wide variety of Scribing benefits thanks to some very powerful friends. To get started, seek out Adept Irnard Rirnil near the Mages Guild in Skingrad if you have access to the Champion System or if you have reached level 30 on your character.
    • To Scribe a new Skill, you must visit the Scribing Altar in the Scholarium, under Eyevea, and complete the tutorial quest “The Second Era of Scribing”.
      • First you will select a Grimoire.
        • Grimoires contain the base behavior of the Skill. For example, Wield Soul's Grimoire launches a concentrated blast of Soul Magic at a single target.
      • Then, select a Focus Script.
        • These add the main function of the Skill. They also determine the Skill's name, Resource Type, and Resource Cost
        • For example, if you select the Magical Focus Script for the Wield Soul Grimoire, it makes a concentrated blast of Soul Magic deal Magical Damage to the enemy. It will also change the name of the completed Scribed Skill to Magical Soul.
      • Next, select a Signature Script. 
        • These add unique effects to the skill. For example, if you select the Damage Over Time Signature Script, Magical Soul will now also deal 9000 Magic Damage over 10 seconds to the enemy.
      • Finally, select an Affix Script.
        • These add a final benefit to the skill, usually from the Major and Minor Buff and Debuff system. For example, if you select the Breach Affix Script, it will add Major Breach to Magical Soul, now afflicting the enemy for 10 seconds reducing their Physical and Spell Resistance.
        • In general, single target Grimoires have access to Major buffs and debuffs, and Area of Effect Grimoires have access to Minor buffs and debuffs, since those have the potential of applying to more targets. 
      • Scribe your new Skill by paying Luminous Ink.
        • After completing the quest "The Wing of the Indrik", Luminous Ink will rarely drop from defeated enemies, and after completing the quest "The Wing of the Netch" Luminous Ink will rarely drop from harvesting crafting materials.
      • Place your new Scribed Skill on your Ability Bar from the Skills Menu.
        • If you have a blank spot on your Skill Bar, it will populate there when completing the Scribe. If you do not, you can find it in the Skills Menu under its parent Skill Line.
          • For example, Vault will live underneath the Bow Skill Line. 
        • There is also a Scribing Tab inside the Skills Menu, which allows you to understand what Grimoires and Scripts you own, have scribed, as well as what combinations are possible when you are away from the Scribing Altar in the Scholarium.  
      • Full access to the Scribing Altar comes after you have completed the Wing of the Indrik quest. 
    • For your ease, there is a training room in the West Wing of the Scholarium where you can test your new Scribed Skills against Training Dummies. 
    • There are also beautiful achievement furnishings available in the East Wing from Firandil's Scamp and sales associate, Caal.
    • After completing the Scribing questline, when using alt characters, you will only have to complete the Second Era of Scribing to take full advantage of the Scribing System. 
      • This includes purchases of Grimoires and Scripts being greatly discounted after you have acquired them from a vendor on another character.

    • There are 11 New Grimoires (customizable skills) that you can unlock on a per character basis. 
      • Weapon Skill Line
        • These require at least rank 25 in that skill line and the requisite weapon to use. 
          • Vault (Bow)
          • Shield Throw (One Hand & Shield)
          • Smash (Two Hand) 
          • Elemental Explosion (Destruction Staff) 
          • Mender's Bond (Restoration Staff) 
          • Traveling Knife (Dual Wield) 
      • Soul Magic Skill line
        • Wield Soul
          • Earn during the Scribing Tutorial.
        • Soul Burst
          • Earn by completing the Scribing questline.
      • Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, and Assault Skill Lines
        • These require at least rank 5 in the parent Skill Line to use. 
          • Ulfsild's Contingency (Mages Guild)
          • Torchbearer (Fighters Guild) 
          • Trample (Assault) 
    • To acquire Grimoires, visit Chronicler Firandil in the East Wing of the Scholarium after completing the quest “Wing of the Indrik” and purchase with gold after meeting the above requirements. 
    • Grimoires are customized by adding one of each script type, then paying the cost in Luminous Ink.

    • Every Grimoire has three Script Slots: one each for a Focus Script, Signature Script, and Affix Script. Scripts are how you customize your Grimoires and turn them into Scribed Skills, and are unlocked on a per character basis. 
      • Focus Scripts set the Main function of the Scribed Skill, and also determine its name and resource type and cost. 
        • Focus Scripts also determine if the ability is Enemy-Targeted or Ally/Self-Targeted and if any following buffs will only apply to you or also apply to your allies. 
      • Signature Scripts give the skill unique effects.
        • These unique effects often lean into the mechanics and passives from the parent Skill Line. For example, the Passive Master Signature Script when used on Vault will give you the Hawkeye passive from the Bow Weapon Skill Line.
      • Affix Scripts give the skill a final benefit of known buff and debuffs, largely from the Major and Minor system.
    • Not every combination of scripts can be Scribed to every Grimoire.
    • Scripts that share the same name may do slightly different things depending on the Grimoire they are applied to, but the same theme will apply. Mix and match and discover what works for you!
    • You can acquire Scripts by having them rarely drop in the world; However, you can unlock new sources by completing their associated Wing Quest. 
      • Focus Scripts become available from various daily coffers after completing the Wing of the Gryphon.
      • Signature Scripts become available from various daily coffers after completing the Wing of the Dragon.
      • Affix Scripts become available from various daily coffers after completing the Wing of the Netch.
      • After completing these quests, these will unlock account-wide benefits, such as the ability to purchase them from the Scribing and Infinite Archive Vendors. 
      • Additionally, after completing the Wing of the Dragon, you will be able to find Scripts hidden at certain Mages Guilds across Tamriel.
    • There is also a special kind of Signature Script, known as the Class Mastery Script. 
      • This script gives access to special mechanics and passives unique to your class. 
      • This script is applicable on all Grimoires.
      • To acquire this script, you must collect 50 Class Script Scraps via a number of in-game activities such as Trials, Master Writs, Infinite Archive, Dungeons, Arenas, and more.
      • After acquiring the Class Mastery Script on a single character, you can purchase it on other characters from Chronicler Firandil.

    Luminous Ink
    • Luminous Ink is Scribing's crafting resource. The ink cost to Scribe a Skill is based on the number of Scripts added or changed. 
      • When Scribing a Skill for the first time, it will always require three Scripts, and therefore cost three Luminous Ink. 
      • However, if you are changing out only a single script on a previously Scribed Skill, the Luminous Ink cost to scribe will only be 1. 
    • Ink Drops from enemies in the world at a low rate after you have completed the quest “Wing of the Indrik”.
    • After completing the quest “Wing of the Netch”, you can also gain ink via harvest nodes. 

    Skill Styling
    ESO has countless ways for you to customize your character's appearance and skills, and with Gold Road, we're excited to introduce a new type of customization collectible called Skill Styles! Skill Styles are select new color variations on popular existing skills from the Weapon, Guild, and World Skill Lines, helping you further stand out on the battlefield. There are 22 earnable Skill Styles that you can earn via Scribing quests, completing dailies, discovering Skyshards, defeating Mirrormoor Incursions and more. 

    New Trial – Lucent Citadel
    On the outskirts of Fargrave City District there is an old vault known as the Lucent Citadel. Most well-travelled scholars have never heard of this vault or believe it exists but Keshargo, being the former leader of the Scribes of Mora, is not like other scholars. His research has lead him to the Citadel looking for a powerful object known as the Arcane Knot. But he is not the only one. With his expedition in tatters thanks to being ambushed by a Daedric force, he now needs help retrieving the Knot and ensuring it does not fall into evil hands.
    • Lucent Citadel is a 12-player trial with the portal located in northern West Weald.
    • The trial includes a Normal version in addition to a challenging Veteran version.
    • There are unique item sets within the trial including Perfected versions only found in Veteran difficulty.
    • Unique achievement awards are available for completing the trial including the following:
      • Unique body and face marking
      • Unique mount
      • Several titles
      • Unique housing items

    New Item Sets
    We’ve added 10 new item sets in this update! Details and sourcing can be found below:
    • Overland
      • Symmetry of the Weald – Light
        • 2 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 3 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 5 – Adds 200% Status Effect Chance while your Health is above 50%. Adds 10% Healing Done while your Health is 50% or less.
      • Macabre Vintage – Medium
        • 2 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 3 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 5 – Adds 150 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 5 – When you kill a monster they burst with blood magic, dealing 50% of their Max Health to enemies within 6 meters as Bleed Damage, up to 24096 Bleed Damage. This damage cannot critically strike. This effect can occur once every 0.5 seconds.
      • Ayleid Rufuge – Heavy
        • 2 – Adds 1096 Max Stamina
        • 3 – Adds 1206 Max Health
        • 4 – Adds 1206 Max Health
        • 5 – Blocking an attack reduces your Damage Taken by 11% for 3 seconds.
    • Crafted
      • Highland Sentinel
        • 2 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
        • 3 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
        • 4 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
        • 5 – While in combat, each second you stand still grants you a stack of Sentinel's Eye every 1 second, up to 10 stacks. Each stack increases your Critical Chance by 357. Each second you move removes half of your stacks of Sentinel's Eye, rounded up. Exiting combat removes all stacks of Sentinel's Eye. Using charge and teleport abilities do not remove stacks of Sentinel's Eye.
      • Tharriker’s Strike
        • 2 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 3 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 5 – Dealing damage with a fully-charged Heavy Attack grants you Major Berserk for 4 seconds, increasing your damage done by 10%. This effect can occur once every 1 second.
      • Threads of War
        • 2 – Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
        • 3 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 4 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
        • 5 – Your Light and fully-charged Heavy Attacks gain 100% Status Effect Chance. The Status Effect is based on the damage type of your weapon.
    • Trial
      • Mora Scribe’s Thesis – Light
        • 2 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
        • 3 – Gain Minor Slayer at all times, increasing your damage done to Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 5%.
        • 4 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 5 (Perfected only) – Adds 657 Critical Chance
        • 5 – Increase your Critical Chance by 128 for every Major Buff active on you, up to 1536 Critical Chance. Increase your Critical Damage done by 1% for every Minor Buff active on you, up to 12% Critical Damage done.
      • Slivers of the Null Arca – Medium
        • 2 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
        • 3 – Gain Minor Slayer at all times, increasing your damage done to Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 5%.
        • 4 – Adds 657 Critical Chance
        • 5 (Perfected only) – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
        • 5 – Dealing Critical Damage gives you a stack of Sliver for 10 seconds. You can only gain one stack of Sliver every 0.5 seconds. When you gain your third stack, the stacks are consumed and the crystals launch at the last enemy you damaged, dealing Physical Damage. This damage scales off your Weapon or Spell Damage. Once you launch the crystals, you cannot gain Sliver for 5 seconds.
      • Xoryn’s Masterpiece – Light
        • 2 – Adds 1096 Max Magicka
        • 3 – Gain Minor Aegis at all times, reducing your damage taken from Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 5%.
        • 4 – Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
        • 5 (Perfected only) – Adds 1096 Max Magicka
        • 5 – Increases your Max Magicka and Max Stamina by 1667 for you and up to 11 other group members within 28 meters of you. This bonus persists through death.
      • Lucent Echoes – Heavy
        • 2 – Adds 4% Healing Taken
        • 3 – Gain Minor Aegis at all times, reducing your damage taken from Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 5%.
        • 4 – Adds 1206 Max Health
        • 5 (Perfected only) – Adds 1206 Max Health
        • 5 – While you have more than 50% Health, increase the Critical Damage and Healing of your group members by 11%. Group members wearing Lucent Echoes cannot benefit from this effect. While you have 50% or less Health, reduce your Damage Taken from monsters by 20%.

    New Mythic Items
    We’ve added three new Mythic Items in this update, available to discover through Antiquities.
    • Rourken Steamguards – Heavy Hands
      • Activating Block while in combat grants you Steam Guardian for 0.5 seconds, reducing your damage taken by 99%. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.Blocking an attack while Steam Guardian is active reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds.
    • The Shadow Queen’s Cowl – Light Head
      • While Crouched, you can see Witnesses and Guards through walls.Successfully pickpocketing a Witness or Guard applies Distracted to them for 10 seconds, stunning your target. Decreases your detection radius in Stealth by 30 meters against Distracted targets.
    • The Saint and the Seducer – Neck
      • While in combat, you gain one of five random major buffs which changes every 10 seconds. Enemies within 12 meters of you gain one of five random minor debuffs depending on which buff you have. The available buffs and debuffs include:
        • Major Berserk and Minor Maim
        • Major Resolve and Minor Breach
        • Major Force and Minor Brittle
        • Major Evasion and Minor Vulnerability
        • Major Courage and Minor Cowardice

    New Antiquities
    In addition to the three new Mythic items, a Mirrormoor Music Box and an Ayleid Blacksmithing Station can also be discovered through Antiquities.

    New Collectibles
    • Mounts
      • The Refulgent Mirrormoor Steed is obtained by earning the “Knot Worthy” achievement.
      • A Wildburn Tiger-Lynx is obtained by earning the “Savior of West Weald” achievement.
    • Pets
      • A Prism Wasp is obtained by earning the “In Memory of.” achievement.
    • Outfits
      • Nantharion’s Regalia pages are awarded to adventurers who complete various achievements associated with the exploration of West Weald.
      • Gold Road Dragoon pages come from the Impresario or Zenithar's Sublime Parcel during the “Zeal of Zenithar” event.
      • Ayleid Lich pages come from the Impresario or Pelinal's Boon Box during the “Whitestrake’s Mayhem” event.
    • Emotes
      • “True-Sight Lens” is obtained by completing the final quest in the Scribing questline.
    • Mementos
      • The “Abolisher Memento” is obtained by earning the “Echo of the Abolisher” achievement
      • The Echonir Memento” is obtained by finishing the quest “The Untraveled Road”
    • Skin
      • “Fractured Glory” is a special skin earned by completing the “Adventurer Across a Decade” achievement.
    • Face and Body Markings
      • “Ithelia’s Threads” is earned by completing the “Lucent Citadel Conqueror” and “Retrieval Specialist” achievements.
      • “Veteran’s Homage” is earned by completing the “Veteran of the Infinite” and “Archival Veteran” achievements.
    • Dyes
      • The West Weald Autumnal Orange dye is obtained by completing the “Hero of the Gold Road” achievement.
      • The Scholarium Cerulean dye is obtained by completing the “Pen is Mightier than the Sword” achievement.
      • The Lucentshard Azure dye is obtained by completing the “Lucent Citadel Vanquisher” achievement.

    New Tales of Tribute Deck: Saint Alessia
    We’ve added a new Tribute patron deck to earn during your adventures through West Weald! Saint Alessia brings an army to the table and rewards smart tactical choices that lead to strategic victory. You’ll unlock fragments of the Saint Alessia patron deck by completing a wide range of activities but remember that in order to the unlock the ability to play Tales of Tribute (and your new deck) you’ll need access to the High Isle Chapter.

    New Homes
    The zone of West Weald welcomes its new visitors with options to earn two new homes!
    • Rosewine Retreat
      • Once a favorite of wine merchants seeking to acquire the area’s best vintages, this inn room can serve as a convenient refuge for any hoping to sample Skingrad’s best food and drink.
      • This inn room is earned by completing the “Room to Spare” quest, which can be found in Skingrad's tavern, The Fertile Respite. Alternatively, it can be purchased for 3,000 gold if you’ve already completed that quest elsewhere.
    • Merryvine Retreat
      • Merryvine’s wines once rivaled those of the nearby Valente Vineyard, but misfortune sent its former owner fleeing. This sun-kissed estate features fertile grapevines, a house suitable for entertaining, and facilities that would please any vintner.
      • This home is available to purchase for 1,300,000 gold upon completion of the “Gold Road Grand Adventurer” achievement.

    New Furnishings
    A variety of new furnishings can be found in West Weald, including:
    • 101 new furnishing plans, which can be obtained from monsters, containers, and more across West Weald.
    • 7 new furnishing plans exclusive to the World Event.
    • 10 new achievement furnishings, which can be purchased from Gathareth in West Weald once you’ve completed the associated achievements.
    • 13 new antiquity furnishings, including a music box and a blacksmithing station!
    • 10 new paintings, which can rarely be found in treasure chests across West Weald.
    • 20 new stealable furnishings, which include a variety of tools and foods.
    • 21 new Home Goods furnishings that can be purchased from Mahei-Jekka in West Weald, including an array of fall foliage that can be found across West Weald.
    • 4 new tapestries featuring the art from two new different Tales of Tribute cards, which can be earned as rare rewards from Tales of Tribute matches.
    • 12 new Skill Scribing furnishings, which can be acquired by completing quests and purchasing from Caal in the Scholarium.

    New Achievements and Titles
    This update introduces 140 new achievements and 8 new titles, including a number of Mythic and Scribing-related achievements.
    • The “Hero of Gold Road” title can be obtained by completing the “Hero of the Gold Road” achievement.
    • The “Pathfinder” title can be obtained by completing the “Champion of Gold Road” achievement.
    • The “Luminous” title can be obtained by completing the “Lucent Citadel Vanquisher” achievement.
    • The “Crystal Sharp” title can be obtained by completing the “Lucent Citadel Conqueror” achievement.
    • The “The Unshattered” title can be obtained by completing the “Retrieval Specialist” achievement.
    • The “The Unstoppable” title can be obtained by completing the “Arcane Stabilizer” achievement.
    • The “Arcane Stabilizer” title can be obtained by completing the “Knot Worthy” achievement.
    • The “Inheritor” title can be obtained by completing the “Inheritor of the Scholarium” achievement.

    New Xbox Achievements
    There are 4 new Xbox Achievements in Gold Road, all of which require earning the associated in-game achievement.
    • “Champion of the Gold Road” is worth 20 gamerscore.
    • “Lucent Citadel Vanquisher” is worth 30 gamerscore.
    • “Inheritor of the Scholarium” is worth 20 gamerscore.
    • “Hero of the Gold Road” is worth 100 gamerscore
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Update 42 Base Game

    Mail Improvements
    We have made a number of interface and system improvements to Mail.
    • Added a new “System Alerts” category to the Mail screen.
      • Messages from non-player sources that do not include attachments are now sorted into the System Alerts category.
      • Messages from non-player sources, as well as Customer Support, continue to be sorted into the System Mail category.
    • System Mail and System Alerts are sorted based on expiration with the soonest-to-expire message displayed at the top.
      • Player Mail sorting remains unchanged.
    • Mail headers now display the icon of their first attachment if there are any attachments.
    • The Mail screen now displays how many inventory slots are available on the current character.
    • Added a new “Delete After Claim” option to the mail screen.
      • This option is enabled by default and causes any System Mail to be automatically deleted after you claim the attachments.
      • This option does not affect Player Mail.
    • Added a new “Take All” button to the mail screen.
      • This button claims all attachments from all mail in the current active category (Player Mail or System Mail).
      • Mail is processed based on the currently sorted order and starts with the mail soonest to expire.
        • Note that Player Mail and System Mail have different sorting rules, explained above.
        • COD Player Mail and Customer Support mail are not affected by “Take All”.
      • If an attachment is unable to be claimed for any reason, such as unavailable inventory space, the process halts and no further attachments are claimed.
      • Note the “Delete After Claim” option, if enabled, applies to every System Mail affected by “Take All” that no longer has an attachment.
    • Upon logging in, you now receive alerts if:
      • You receive new mail that includes an attachment.
      • You have existing mail with attachments that are about to expire.
      • You receive a new Hireling Correspondence mail.
    • You can now delete non-returnable mail that still has an unclaimed attachment.
      • A confirmation screen is displayed to ensure this is the intended action.

    Hireling Correspondence
    Mail messages received from Hirelings associated with various crafting disciplines are now automatically recorded in a new section of the Lore Library called Hireling Correspondence.
    • Hireling Correspondence is sorted by crafting discipline and the order the mails were received.
    • Hireling Correspondence is character-specific and entries into the Lore Library occur the moment your character receives the Hireling mail (not when the mail is opened).
    • Any Hireling mail a character received prior to this update have been retroactively added to that character's Hireling Correspondence.

    Mail Expiration Changes
    As part of our continuing efforts to improve server performance and stability, we have reduced the expiration times of certain types of system mail.
    • These changes only affect mail you receive going forward. Expiration times for mail received prior to this update have not changed, with the following exception:
      • A small number of information-only system mails that were previously set to never expire now have expiration timers.
    • Below are the updated expiration timers based on mail type:
      • Information-only System Mail: 7 days
      • Hireling Mail: 7 days
      • Activity Finder Rewards: 7 days
      • Rewards for the Worthy: 7 days
      • Guild Trader Purchases: 7 days
      • Guild Trader Sales/Expirations: 14 days
      • Weekly Leaderboard Rewards: 14 days
      • Promotional rewards, such as Twitch Drops: 14 days to a maximum of 180 days
    • Mail with rewards generated by direct purchases made outside the game, such as Chapters and the Newcomer Pack, continue to never expire.
    • As a reminder, the expiration timer for most mail types does not begin until the mail is received while your character is logged in. There are, however, several exceptions where the timer begins when the mail is sent:
      • Player mail
      • Guild Trader mail - Includes item purchased, item sold, kiosk bid result, etc.
      • Guild Finder Listing expired
      • Customer Support mail

    Guild Trader Timers
    Guild trader item sale timers have been reduced from 30 days to 14 days. Note that existing item listings will not be affected by this change.

    Character Resolution
    Building off of the Min Spec changes in Update 41, we have made additional adjustments to how the game handles the resolution of other characters (both NPC and other remote players) that appear near you.
    • As has always been the case, characters that are closest to you will appear at the highest resolution we offer and as characters move further away, their resolution will decrease. That said, we have increased the distance before the resolution drops so you will now be able to see high resolution characters from farther away.

    New Environmental Sustainability Features
    ESO is joining the Xbox initiative making steps toward a more sustainable gaming future. Our mission as part of Team Xbox is to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone, but it’s critical we do so while taking care of our planet. We are working to reduce our environmental impact and creating opportunities for gamers to reduce their environmental impact while gaming. To do so, we have added the features below to ESO. For more information on environmental sustainability efforts at Xbox, visit this page.
    • Reduced GPU use during player inactivity (Xbox Series X|S and PS5): There's no reason for your device to be working so hard when you aren't doing anything. The game already checks that after 20 minutes of being inactive, our servers will kick players out to the main menu, where power consumption is minimal. Until that happens, though, it can be wasteful. The game client will now drop the resolution in half if it has not detected any input for 5 minutes. It will also impose a 30fps cap while inactive. This results in our power consumption going from 65% down to 24% when in Performance Mode when you are AFK.
    • Reduced GPU use in Contextual Menus (Xbox Series X|S and PS5): When viewing most menus, (eg. managing inventory, achievements, quest journal, etc) framerate is now capped to 30fps. Some menus are exempt on a case-by-case basis (eg. conversations, various mini-games). Testing in Performance Mode while in these menus shows a 50% reduction in GPU consumption, resulting in overall power consumption going from approximately 63% of the maximum possible on a console down to 37%.

    Healing Immunity on Health Bars
    We’ve added a new state to health bars for healing immunity, which will display on a target that is immune to your heals. For example, with Ring of the Pale Order, other players will see you as healing immune, but since you can heal yourself your own health bar will display normally. Group Frames and Nameplate health bars will now also display absorb shields, healing absorbs (trauma), and healing immunity.

    New Achievements
    In addition to the new achievements found in the Gold Road Chapter, we’ve also added several new achievements listed below, including something special for our 10 year anniversary!
    • There’s a new set of achievements that are awarded for an account’s rank in a given skill line.
      • Weapon Skills, which can be found under the Character achievements section, check for weapon skill lines at ranks 25 and 50:
        • One Handed
        • Two Handed
        • Shield
        • Dual Wield
        • Bow
        • Destruction Staff
        • Restoration Staff
      • Fighters and Mages Guild, found under the Guild achievements section, of at least rank 5.
      • Alliance War Assault and Support Skills, found under the Alliance War section, both of at least rank 5.
    • There is also a new achievement that is awarded for completing a decade’s worth of Tamriel main storylines.
      • Becoming a Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact, as well as triumphing against Molag Bal
      • Coldharbour
      • Craglorn
      • Wrothgar
      • Hew’s Bane
      • Gold Coast
      • Vvardenfell
      • Clockwork city
      • Summerset
      • Murkmire
      • Northern Elsweyr
      • Southern Elsweyr
      • Western Skyrim
      • The Reach
      • Blackwood
      • The Deadlands
      • High Isle
      • Galen
      • Apocrypha
      • Gold Road
    • These achievements (and their components) will be automatically rewarded to those who have already accomplished the appropriate feats.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    combat_&_gameplay.jpgGreetings! The big chapter of the year is upon us and this one is quite exciting with the addition of Scribing! Due to this large feature, as well as following suit of previous years, this update will be on the lighter end in terms of actual combat adjustments to the existing gameplay; much of the team has been incredibly hard at work making sure Scribing hits the ground running and that we have more time to iterate on ability values and bugs during this PTS cycle. For the live combat experience, expect to see mainly bug fixes and iterative work with a small handful of targeted balance changes for some outliers.

    As for some of the more impactful changes coming, we have a very small number of class changes aimed at helping with some issues we’ve seen long term feedback on. Templars may be delighted to hear they now have access to some crowd control in their kit with the addition of an immobilize to Blazing Spear – hopefully assisting with their tanking and jabbing capabilities. Dark Shades for the Nightblade will now always deal area damage, to help the class gain some more impactful cleave damage and debuff application for tanking. Wardens may find some more value to their Betty Netch outside of PvP, where it will now grant a small increase to your damage done for a short duration if it fails to remove a negative effect. Finally, Necromancers have regained some raw power back in their tethers, as they’ve fallen into decay of the last year or so.

    Outside of classes we also have a small handful of changes to those who howl at the moon, giving some good head pats to the werewolves out there. Generally speaking, they’ve fallen far enough behind the pack in many aspects of the game, so we’re going through some of their abilities to add meaningful buffs while also trying to do a better job to represent the existing playstyles for them. This includes those Pack Leaders out there who prefer to protect their pack instead, with some changes to the morphs of Roar to differentiate playstyles between damage dealers and tanks or disruptors. Ferocious Roar will focus on enabling the more traditional blood thirsty playstyle – terrifying foes so much they’ll take bonus damage from Piercing Howl – while Deafening Roar will focus on helping out those who wish to control enemies, which drops all offensive bonuses for defensive ones by granting Major Protection while slotting, as well as causing all of their Heavy Attacks to taunt enemies for 15 seconds (before you ask, this does not allow for an Area of Effect taunt).

    That about covers the high-level view for this update! We are very much looking forward to your feedback both for the combat adjustments and also the ever-exciting Scribing feature. Stay safe out there, happy 10 years of ESO, and we hope to see you in Tamriel!

    • Fixed an issue where many movement-oriented abilities, such as Mist Form, could have their animations broken by roll dodging at the frame of activation. Roll dodge will now be disabled temporarily while you are actively being moved from one of these abilities.
    • Fixed an issue where channeled Heavy Attack animations would break and lock you in the animation if you hit ESC during their channel. Now you can actually escape!
    • Fixed an issue where some player abilities were not properly respecting line of sight checks. This includes the following:
      • Blessing of Protection and morphs
      • Fungal Growth and morphs
      • Obsidian Shield and morphs
    • Fixed an issue where some knockback effects could desync their impacted targets for remote clients if the attack that applied the knockback also killed those targets.
      • This is mainly notable in places such as Sunspire, where many attacks like Wing Thrash could kill a group member and cause them to appear in a different position than they actually were, rendering them difficult to target with a Soul Gem resurrection.
    • Fixed an issue where corpse-consuming visual effects would be present on some bodies you should not be able to utilize, such as those left by another fight you did not participate in.
    • Fixed an issue where some effects were reducing damage taken in an additive manner, rather than a multiplicative manner, resulting in more mitigation than intended and creating some situations where 100% damage mitigation was achievable. This affects the following:
      • Hardy Champion passive
      • Elemental Aegis Champion passive
      • Preparation Champion passive
      • Heavy Armor’s martial damage taken reduction
      • Heavy Armor’s damage taken reduction while CC Immune
      • Light Armor’s magical damage taken reduction
    • The Armory system can no longer be used to apply multiple Mundus Stones with the use of the Twice Born Star set.

    • Curative Runeforms
      • Arcanist Domain: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could not be dispelled.
    • Herald of the Tome
      • Abyssal Impact
        • Cephaliarch’s Flail (morph): This morph now ranks up in 1.1% healing per rank, resulting in 3.3% additional healing at rank IV, rather than reducing its cost per rank, as the morph upgrade does not interact with cost at all and was offering too many unique advantages.
    • Soldier of Apocrypha
      • Rune of Eldritch Horror
        • Rune of Uncanny Adoration (morph): Fixed an issue where Minor Vulnerability could fail to apply from this ability.

    • Ardent Flame
      • Fiery Grip
        • Chains of Devastation (morph): Fixed an issue where this morph could sometimes cause your character to face the wrong direction after using.

    • Grave Lord
      • Shocking Siphon: Increased the damage per tick of this ability and its morphs by ~33% so they are closer to stationary Over Time effects, rather than being treated as "sticky" Over Time effects.
    • Living Death
      • Restoring Tether: Increased the healing per tick of this ability and its morphs by ~14% so they are closer to stationary Over Time effects, rather than being treated as a halfway between stationary and sticky Over Time effects.

    • Shadow
      • Summon Shade
        • Dark Shade (morph):
          • This morph's shade now only uses its Area of Effect attack, rather than using it once every 5 seconds and then swapping to a single target attack, to help add more options for cleave damage in the class.
          • Adjusted the visual effects to appear as Drain Power, rather than Whirlwind, to feel more appropriate for a Nightblade ability.

    • Dark Magic
      • Blood Magic: This passive now activates when you cast a Dark Magic ability with a cost, rather than when you hit an enemy with a directly applied Dark Magic ability. This was done to make the passive more reliable and easy to understand.
      • Rune Prison: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could miss invisible targets.

    • Aedric Spear
      • Spear Shards
        • Blazing Spear: This morph now also causes the initial hit to immobilize enemies hit for 4 seconds.
          Developer Comment:
          Templar tanks have slowly been creeping into the scene as we've tried to find ways to empower their crusade, but they're still lacking a definitive and satisfying immobilize tool to help keep control on the battlefield. While it won't pack the raw supportive power of an ability like Dark Talons or Encase, we're hoping it still helps out the role while also creating more satisfying interplay in the Aedric Spear skill line to empower their bread and butter - Puncturing Strikes.
      • Sun Shield: Fixed an issue where this ability and morphs’ visual effects could fail to appear.
    • Restoring Light
      • Restoring Aura: Fixed an issue where this ability and morphs’ visual effects could fail to appear.

    • Animal Companions
      • Betty Netch: This ability and its morphs now also increase your damage done by 5% for 5 seconds if no negative effect was removed from the ability.
        Developer Comment:
        In order to help the Warden's damage production without rocking the boat too much in PvP (where they already are plenty strong), we're adding a conditional bonus that will mainly activate in PvE. We are also trying to add more sources of damage to their damage focused skill line, Animal Companions, so we can slowly look at shifting passive damage, such as Piercing Cold and the density of Glacial Presence, out of their tanking focused skill line. To clear up some of the confusion and concern we saw during PTS testing, we are NOT looking to remove morph diversity that helps frost mage DPS shine, like Arctic Blast or Winter’s Revenge. Our main concerns are on how much passive damage frost Wardens rely on to do reliable damage, and how it is allowing tankier Wardens to often out-damage others in PvP with little to no draw backs.

    • Bow
      • Rapid Fire:
        • Fixed an issue with this Ultimate and the Toxic Barrage morph where the visual effects could become stuck on a target even after the ability was cancelled.
        • Fixed an issue where these two abilities also shot a phantom arrow, dealing 10 instances of damage, despite only shooting 9 arrows maximum. The total damage per cast has remained relatively untouched (some minor rounding may result in < 1% changes).
          • Toxic Barrage (morph): Increased the Damage over Time effect to match the new damage per shot by ~11%, now that it applies one less tick.

    • Mages Guild
      • Equilibrium: Increased the base duration of this ability’s Major Resolve to 27-30 seconds based on rank, up from 22-25 seconds, now that Everlasting Magic has been adjusted. Overall this should result in a 1-2 second increase when combined.
        • Everlasting Magic: This passive now increases the duration of Mages Guild duration abilities by 1/2 seconds, rather than 10/20%.
          Developer Comment: This change was done to fix truncation issues and reduce its potency with some of the abilities in the skill line.

    • Soul Magic
      • Soul Trap: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs would fail to fill a Soul Gem if a target died to the first tick of their application.
    • Werewolf
      • Werewolf Transformation:
        • This Ultimate and its morphs' Light and Heavy Attacks now deal Bleed Damage, rather than Physical.
        • These attacks now have a chance to apply their status effect (now Hemorrhaging), with Light Attacks at 3%, partially charged Heavy Attacks at 5%, and fully charged Heavy Attacks at 10%.
        Developer Comment:
        Lacking a second ability bar, those with the beast within them have a harder time interacting with status effects and have fallen a bit further behind in damage production than we'd like. We're throwing them a bone by letting these attacks have a small passive chance to apply them, while making their build paths slightly more diverse with status effect chance being a bit more enticing. This won't be a silver bullet to solve their damage deficits, but werewolves don't like silver.
      • Roar: This ability and the Ferocious Roar morph now apply a unique debuff called "Terrified" to enemies they hit for 10 seconds. Terrified doesn't do anything outright other than place a tracking effect on enemies, to help Werewolves mark their prey.
        • Deafening Roar (morph): This morph now grants Major Protection for slotting, rather than Major Prophecy and Savagery. While slotted, it also causes your Heavy Attacks to taunt enemies for 15 seconds.
        Developer Comment:
        Since our fix to Tormentor, some Werewolves have been barking up a storm at the loss of their way to pounce into the tank scene. We're adding some love back to the mix with a simple way to gain a taunt, while simultaneously differentiating the morphs here further for those who wish to lead the pack versus those who just want to go berserk.
      • Piercing Howl: This ability and its morphs no longer deal 10% bonus damage to enemies that are facing them, and instead deal 10% bonus damage to enemies that are Terrified.
        • Howl of Agony (morph):
          • This morph now adds an additional 10% bonus damage to off balance enemies, stacking up to 20% when they are also Terrified, rather than dealing 25% to enemies that are facing you or are feared.
          • This morph now also ranks up with cost reduction, rather than ranking up the bonus damage effect.
        • Howl of Despair: Extended the duration of the buffs granted by Feeding Frenzy to 20 seconds, up from 10.
        Developer Comment:
        We've heard the howling from Werewolf players that have been struggling to engage with these abilities' bonus effects, so we're changing things up to allow for more interaction between PvE and PvP playstyles, while simultaneously adding more reasons to use all of your Werewolf abilities, or work together with other Werewolves to set the pack up for success.

    Alliance War
    • Assault
      • Siege Shield
        • Propelling Shield (morph): This ability now only affects abilities with a range of 28 meters or higher, to ensure it behaves closer to the Reach passive and Battle Spirit, as well as ensuring it does not affect abilities it should not.

    • Gradual Ravage Health: Fixed an issue where potions made with these traits could trigger many other events, such as item sets.

    Crafted Sets
    • Coldharbour’s Favorite: Fixed an issue where Honor would often spawn in dead, rather than living long enough to do their job, and then die. Thankfully, Honor can never truly die.
    • Morkuldin: The summoned-sword from this set no longer has a second sword appearing on the ground.

    Dungeon & Arena Sets
    • Hagraven's Garden: Fixed an issue where this set could sometimes activate in situations it should not have.
    • Maligalig’s Maelstrom: Fixed an issue where this set could trigger on non-group members.
    • Rush of Agony:
      • This set now has an 800ms delay before attempting to pull targets, to increase the amount of reaction time enemies have before they are yanked.
      • The pull now properly interacts as a projectile with a minimum travel time of 200ms and animates the pull appropriately to reduce the feeling of rubber banding.
      • Increased the radius of the pull to 12 meters, up from 10 meters, to help offset some of the reductions to impact for the wearer. The delayed damage remains unchanged, still happening after 2 seconds from activation and dealing damage within a 7 meter radius.
      Developer Comment:
      We're cleaning up a lot of negative experiences with this set regarding how it feels to both use and have used against you by adding a delay time to the pull, as well as cleaning up a bunch of inconsistencies about how the pull applies and appears. While the pull should be easier to both position and react to now, the damage itself should present slightly more of a threat, since the delay between the pull affecting you and the damage going out has been reduced to 1 second. This should help the set feel more impactful against those who neglect the agony it can inflict, while simultaneously ensuring there are more opportunities to recognize and react to its threats. The radius increase should also help the pull become more of a selling point of the set for those who desire such control over their foes.

    Monster Masks
    • Chokethorn: Fixed an issue where this item set could trigger off events other than ability casts. It will now only activate during the activation of abilities that meet its requirements, rather than on effects that those abilities may apply as well, such as the Heal over Time from Structured Entropy.
    • Lady Thorn: Fixed an issue where this set’s synergy did not follow synergy rules with cooldowns.
    • Magma Incarnate: Fixed an issue where this set could trigger on non-group members.

    Overland Sets
    • Mad Tinkerer: Fixed an issue where this set's crowd control visuals would fail to blend smoothly and could appear erratic.

    PvP Sets
    • Dark Convergence: Fixed an issue where some of this set’s visuals were not removed when its effects were dispelled.

    • Increased the chance for Mirri and Bastian to recite idle lines.
    • Fixed an issue where temporarily disabled mounts could still be selected by Companions using random mount selection.
    • Ember is now more likely to comment when you are caught trespassing.
    • Mirri will now give negative rapport when harvesting a honeybee.
    • Fixed a number of monsters that were not properly tagged for purposes of Companion rapport or responses, including Ogres, Snakes, and Goblins.
    • Fixed an issue where Bastian would not properly respond to being in a Mages Guild in certain cities.
    • Mirri is now more likely to use her other line when you're in a protracted duel with another player.
    • Fixed an issue where several companions would not properly identify cities.

    • Fixed an issue where the Soothing trait was not adding the healing bonus as expected.

    • The Double Edge: Fixed an issue where Sharp-as-Night would sometimes leave behind small visual artifacts when going through the door during this quest.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue where a raft that could take you to Murkmire could sometimes indicate you were out of range from some angles on the dock.

    • Relics and Rumblings: Fixed an issue where follower Amalia Vasatoln could erroneously enter her defensive state post-combat.
    • Shattered and Scattered: Fixed an issue where the bestowal theater of this quest would show up after completing it, or during various steps in between.
    • The Gates of Adamant:
      • Fixed an issue where your progress could become blocked if you did not collect both daggers when looting from the dual weapon pile.
      • Fixed an issue where there were two little corners of the first room outside of your cell you could stand in to despawn Norianwe.
    • Zenithar's Abbey: The follower version of Daluion will now be less of an obstacle for interacting with objects in the world.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Exiting an interaction with Furnvekh will no longer cause him to air drum.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Uneasy Alliances: Fixed numerous issues with quest pins going in and out of the Khenarthi's Breath Temple courtyard.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • A Rage of Dragons: Fixed an issue where Mulaamnir would fly off before finishing his threat. Like a coward.
    • Beware the Purring Liar: Fixed an issue where the Goiter's Gulp ledger was difficult to interact with.
    • The Final Order: Fixed an issue where Zamarak or Prefect Calo would not respawn if they somehow became stuck.
    • The Usurper Queen: Fixed an issue where quest pins got wonky in the short hallway between the main part of the delve and the room where you try to rescue the Grand Adept.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Increased the drop rate of Thras-Crafted Breeches for the Esoteric Environment Greaves Mythic.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Vulk'esh Stomper Sabatons is now properly labeled as the Annihilarch's Chosen Style.

    • Corrected the error message you receive when using "doors" that transport you to High Isle, which were erroneously telling you that you had to own Elsweyr to enter.

    • Arcane Research: Fixed a map and compass pin issue that would lead you through the wrong exit on some steps.
    • The Large Delegate: Fixed an issue where there was no door pin leading out of the dealer's house.
    • The Long Game: Fixed an issue where Fera's Journal was being sourced inside the South Key's chest, but you had to interact with the chest a second time to find it. Now, it’s a separate book interactable within the sarcophagus.
    • Tournament of the Heart: Map pins will no longer get confused as you get closer to the Gilded Lute.

    • Fixed an issue with your display name when inviting multiple friends to play Tribute in succession.
    • Fixed an issue where eligible players had missing Lore Library entries for Tribute Card upgrade clues.
    • Pelin's Paragon Outfit Style will no longer be hidden in your Collections until it is unlocked.
    • If you previously did not open a card clue before collecting the respective upgrade, you could never complete the corresponding Eidetic Memory entry. Now the book will open before it’s deleted from your inventory to prevent this issue.

    • Fixed an issue where Almalexia's Patron ability would not allow you to discard agent cards.
    • If any agent with a trigger ability is removed from play, it will now activate the trigger ability before leaving play.
      • For example, if you play a "KO All" card while having multiple Agents and a Firesong Haruspex on the board, it will give Prestige for every one of your removed Agents (but not itself), and any Agents that returns to your cooldown pile from a Confined state.
    • Ink and Blood now grants +1 Coin on Combo 2.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue where Companions would go into an injured posture when entering the Pulk delve.

    • Fixed issue with the Dubdil Alar Tower world boss where clearing the encounter without saving Dubdil Alar would not progress the Endeavor associated with killing world bosses.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Sanity’s Edge Trial
    • Frost bombs from Exarchanic Yaseyla will now properly reduce your healing taken.

    • The entrance to Cipher's Hall will now remain open after turning in the quest Chronicle of Fate so you can access the book "Chronicle of Apocrypha."

    Bastion Nymic
    • Fixed several issues with bosses The Irrefutable Herald and The Prime Cataloger related to their Devour Brain ability.

    • Chronicle of Fate: Fixed an issue where the Chronicle of Apocrypha could sometimes spawn inside its podium, making it appear missing or inaccessible.
    • Keeper of Fate: Fixed an issue where the bindings holding the Fulcrum Obscura reappeared after completing the necessary quest step.
    • The Fateweaver Key: You will no longer be incorrectly guided by quest pins when traveling through the Central Orphic Tunnels on the step "Meet Azandar at Fathoms Drift."
    • Tracing Shadows: There will no longer be two versions of Servant Aki-go in close proximity during the steps where you talk to them.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Moongrave Fane
      • Sacrificial Helots will no longer remain once the encounter is completed.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Castle Thorn
      • Virulent Viscera will now always be created when intended after throwing Vaduroth’s Sickle.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Partners in Crime: Fixed an issue where Quen would not be visible when you were under level 5 and on the first step of this quest after beginning the quest from the Collections menu.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Updated the functionality of the combined repair kits to now include bridges.
    • Fixed an issue where many kill-based events could successfully trigger from training areas in Cyrodiil.

    • Fixed a specific case where occasionally the Chaos Ball could be obtained but would fail to damage the carrier or their allies, and fail to appear above their head. Picking up the Chaos Ball will now actively flush all other actions your character is taking that may have interfered with its acquisition.
    • Fixed an issue where Chaos Ball's ramping damage always acted as if you had held the ball for 1 extra tick, dealing slightly more damage than intended.
    • The Chaos Ball will now properly showcase how many stacks of ramping damage, healing and shield reduction it applies.
    • The Chaos Ball will now display effect text in your Character Sheet when you hover over its effects, accurately describing its mechanics and current penalties.
    • Fixed an issue where each tick of Chaos Ball caused hit reaction on targets inside of it, making it extra annoying.

    • The Akaviri Motif now correctly states it is acquired from War Researchers and not Siege Merchants.
    • The Horned Dragon and Fanged Worm Style Pages now correctly say that they are Bound.

    • Fixed an issue where Cold Fire Trebuchets and Frost Lancers needed to be direct hits on other siege weapons to damage them, unlike other siege which hit all valid targets inside of their impact zones.

    • Fixed an issue where the Lucent Guardian Motif would dye inconsistently at the Outfit Station.
    • Fixed an issue where some visual effects could flicker.

    • Your character will now be automatically dismounted if you are mounted while previewing certain types of products from a merchant or your inventory.

    • Fixed an issue if you had access to the craft bag but with "Auto Add To Craftbag" turned off, you could lose out on crafting materials if looted with a full inventory.
    • The Aetherial Ascension Woodworking and Clothing Stations will now grant the correct Crafting Station furnishing when one is used nearby.
    • Fixed various spelling errors in Hireling mails and correspondence.
    • The Research Tab at Jewelry Crafting Stations will now appropriately list rings before necklaces.

    Infinite Archive
    • Updated the rewards received from the daily quest “Replication Elimination”. You can now receive fragments from all of the Infinite Archive collectibles if you have not yet unlocked them.
      • This cascade begins with the fragments for the Maligraphic Mount, then the fragments for the Shattered Mirror Maze marking set, then fragments for the Maligraphic Skeever, and finally fragments for the new Veteran of the Infinite marking set.
    • Added several Gold Road rewards to the potential list of available rewards from Filer Ool; it may take some time for them to appear for sale.
    • Vision descriptions and headings will now correctly display in all supported languages.

    • Fixed an issue where products could display twice in the ESO Plus Deals section of the Crown Store.

    • Cleaned up yet more stray Witches Festival decorations. Sorry, the crows keep stealing them and putting them back, they think it’s all about them.

    • The Golden Vendor, Adhazabi Aba-daro, will no longer be desynched between PC and Consoles between chapter updates.

    • Fixed a number of typos found in achievement text.

    Eidetic Memory
    • Fixed an issue where the following books were hidden after turning in the delve quest for Tor-Hame-Khard.
      • For Captain Telomure
      • Pearl Research Notes, Log 3
      • Journal of Justiciar Avanaire
    • The Coven Condundrum book "Icereach Coven Note" is now available post-quest inside the Palace of Kings.
    • The book "Dear Escort" is now available outside the entrance to the Ebon Sanctum after completing Ebon Stadmont's quest.
    • The book "To the Villanous Manacar" is now available post-quest in its initial location.
    • “The Sea Runs Restless” is now available post-quest in the same spot you found it before.
    • Fixed an issue where you couldn't interact with the Journal of Tsona-Ei, Part 3 after completing the associated quest.

    • Fixed an issue where Shadow Queen's Labyrinth home would display the wrong map.
    • Fixed an issue with the southwestern ghost in Shadow Queen's Labyrinth where their book could be seen to flicker at certain intervals.
    • Fixed a small visual issue in the southwestern portion of Doomchar Plateau where a rock was observed to clip with the terrain in an unnatural way.
    • Adjusted the collision on several balcony ramp fixtures used within Gladesong Arboretum that was causing your character to float slightly.
    • Fixed an issue with Elinhir Arena where the state of the levers would reset if you left the home for too long.
    • Adjusted the interact prompt for the following homes to say “Enter”.
      • Doomchar Plateau
      • Grand Psijic Villa
      • Coldharbour Surreal Estate
    • Adjusted the position of one of the carpets in the Linchal Grand Manor so it can be properly selected.

    • Fixed an issue where some house furniture interactions that require your character to sheathe could incorrectly cancel early as you sheathed your weapons.
    • Removed a placeholder collectible furnishing that was appearing in the collections menu.
    • Fixed an issue with the "Leyawiin Wall, Curved Garden" furnishing where its flavor text was mismatched with its size. It now correctly states that it is a large furnishing item.
    • Fixed an issue where rotating the Grand Master Blacksmithing Station in the Housing Editor would rotate around a point in front of the anvil, instead of around the anvil itself.
    • Fixed a typo in the “Witch’s Festival, Cursed Totem” furnishing.
    • Adjusted the following furnishings so the brightness of their lights is not dependent on the time of day.
      • Dwarven Brazier, Eternal
      • High Elf Streetlight, Stone
      • Redguard Brazier, Enchanted
    • Fixed an issue with the “Leyawiin Fountain, Round Grand” furnishing where the camera could get stuck below the fountain.
    • Fixed some texture issues or inconsistencies on the following furnishings:
      • Cliff Strider Skeleton Stand
      • High Isle Bed, Single
      • Vampiric Table, Flat Exsanguination
    • Adjusted the collision of on the following furnishings:
      • Flower Trap, Tamed
      • Falmer Gate, Stick
      • Reach Totem, Mammoth Rib
      • Shelf, Black Soul Gems
    • Fixed an issue where the “Indoril Streetlight, Stone” furnishing’s lanterns were not animating.
    • Fixed missing Furnishing Behavior tags for the following furnishings:
      • Crystalline Mind Barrier, Replica (Interactable)
      • Replica Cursed Orb of Meridia (Animated and Visual FX)
      • Alchemical Apparatus, Master (Audio)
      • Alchemical Apparatus, Condenser (Audio)
    • Adjusted all Tribute Tapestry furnishing names to remove the word "Tribute". The updated furnishing names are below:
      • Blackfeather Knight Tapestry
      • Blackfeather Knight Tapestry, Large
      • Hagraven Matron Tapestry
      • Hagraven Matron Tapestry, Large
      • Hlaalu Councilor Tapestry
      • Hlaalu Councilor Tapestry, Large
      • Knight Commander Tapestry
      • Knight Commander Tapestry, Large
      • Prowling Shadow Tapestry
      • Prowling Shadow Tapestry, Large
      • Pyandonean War Fleet Tapestry
      • Pyandonean War Fleet Tapestry, Large
      • Serpentguard Rider Tapestry
      • Serpentguard Rider Tapestry, Large
      • The Chimera Tapestry
      • The Chimera Tapestry, Large
      • Forest Wraith Tapestry
      • Forest Wraith Tapestry, Large
      • Hand of Almalexia Tapestry, Large
      • Hand of Almalexia Tapestry
      • Mercymother Elite Tapestry, Large
      • Mercymother Elite Tapestry
      • Morihaus the Archer Tapestry
      • Morihaus the Archer Tapestry, Large
      • Saint's Wrath Tapestry
      • Saint's Wrath Tapestry, Large
    • Fixed an issue where the “Dark Elf Censer, Hanging” furnishing’s collision was offset.
    • Fixed an issue with the following furnishings where the flames were not displaying properly.
      • Imperial Brazier, Caged
      • Imperial Brazier, Spiked
      • Necrom Brazier, Tall Stone
      • Velothi Brazier, Temple
    • Adjusted the selection node location on the following furnishings:
      • Bush, Flowering Ivy
      • Dark Elf Censer, Hanging
      • Deadlands Bookcase, Etched
      • Elsweyr Cabinet, Elegant Wooden
      • Elsweyr Cabinet, Wide Elegant Wooden
      • Elsweyr Cabinet, Wall
      • Elsweyr Foot Bridge, Masonry
      • Elsweyr Shelf, Elegant Wall
      • Tapestry, Echatere Pelt
    • Adjusted the alignment behavior on the following furnishings:
      • Common Post, Sign Holder
      • Dark Elf Lantern, Ashen
      • Khajiit Banner, Hooked
      • Khajiit Drapes, Tattered
      • Magna-Geode
      • Magna-Geode, Large
      • Replica Cursed Orb of Meridia
      • Riverhold Defense Spikes, Roof-Mounted
      • Rough Cup, Empty
      • Shutters, Blue Double
      • Shutters, Blue Slatted
      • Shutters, Blue Hinged
      • Shutters, Blue Lattice
      • Shutters, Hinged Lattice
    • Adjusted the camera preview behavior for the following furnishings:
      • Argonian Medallion, Stone
      • Argonian Snakes on a Rope
      • Rough Clothesline, Short
      • Throne of the Skald-King
    • Performed an audit for Antiquity Furnishing items and found Gold Antiquities lacked sufficient protection against accidental deletion. You will now be required to type the word "DESTROY" to remove the following Antiquities Furnishings from their inventory permanently:
      • Altar of Celestial Convergence
      • Anvil of Old Orsinium
      • Apocryphal Clothier Station
      • Apocryphal Well
      • Archival Light Diffuser, Large
      • Beacon of Tower Zero
      • Blessed Dais of Almalexia
      • Branch of Falinesti
      • Carved Whale Totem
      • Cat's Eye Prism
      • Coil of Satakal
      • Daedric Enchanting Station
      • Druidic Provisioning Station
      • Dwemer Star Chart
      • Echoes of Aldmeris
      • Font of Auri-El
      • Framed Vision
      • Golden Idol of Morihaus
      • Infinite Tome
      • Inky Incense Burner
      • Kingmaker's Trove
      • Kothringi Tidal Canoe
      • Meridian Sconce
      • Moonlight Mirror
      • Moons-Blessed Ceremonial Pool
      • Morwha's Blessing
      • Nest of Shadows
      • Prismatic Sunbird Feather
      • Remnant of the False Tower
      • Ruby Dragon Skull
      • Rune-Carved Mammoth Skull
      • Sea Elf Galleon Helm
      • Shipbuilders Crafting Station
      • Shrine of Boethra
      • Sorcerer-King's Blade
      • St. Alessia, Paravant
      • St. Nerevar, Moon-and-Star
      • Stained Glass of Lunar Phases
      • Telvanni Alchemy Station
      • Trifold Mirror of Alternatives
      • Vampiric Stained Glass
      • Vision of Mora
      • Void-Crystal Anomaly
      • Warcaller's Painted Drum
    • Performed an audit for Achievement Furnishing items and discovered Gold and Purple items lacked sufficient protection against accidental deletion. You will now be required to type the word "DESTROY" to permanently remove the following achievement furnishings from your inventory:
      • The Motionless Guardian
      • Mysterious Clockwork Sphere
      • Skeleton Key Replica
      • Energetic Animo Core
      • New Life Bonfire
      • Witches Remains, Hagraven
      • Dwarven Tonal Arc
      • Nighthollow Banner
      • Dwarven Tonal Cascade
      • Dwarven Crystal Receptacle
      • Reach Effigy of Turnabout
      • Dwarven Stand, Void Crystal
      • Dwarven Beacon, Aetheric
      • Dwarven Tonal Manacle
      • Blackmarrow Banner
      • Tree, Azureblight Acacia
      • Icereach Coven Totem, Emblem
      • Castle Thorn Gargoyle
      • Stone Garden Tank, Rootbound
      • Test Light, Broken
      • Display Case, Exhibit
      • Alinor Statue, Kinlady
      • Abyssal Pearl, Sealed
      • Crystal Tower Stand
      • Mind Trap Kelp, Full-Sized
      • Enchanted Text, Illusory Forest
      • Psijic Control Globe, Inactive
      • Waterfall, Small Everlasting
      • The Keeper's Oath
      • Seed Doll, Turtle
      • Banner, Jewelry Crafting
      • Timid Vine-Tongue
      • Replica Dragon Horn, Small
      • Moon Temple Pad
      • Khajiit Lion Crest
      • Akaviri Table, Stone
      • Projection Stone, Moons
      • Map of Elsweyr, Hanging
      • Dragonguard Sarcophagus
      • New Moon Cult Banner, Large
      • New Moon Cult Banner
      • Map of Southern Elsweyr, Hanging
      • Senchal Banner
      • Mammoth Cheese, Pungent
      • Witch Pike, Quiescent
      • Replica Throne of Windhelm
      • Nord Boat, Fishing
      • Map of Western Skyrim, Hanging
      • Fountain of the Fiery Drake
      • Basalt Pillar, Glowing
      • Deadlands Chandelier, Caged
      • Entwined Snakes, Crystal Holder
      • Banner, Tattered Mehrunes Dagon
      • Inert Oblivion Gate
      • Deadlands Pillar, Tall Inscribed
      • Seal of the Ambitions
      • Banner of Leyawiin
      • Deadlands Tormentor, Chained
      • Deadlands Podium of Ruination
      • Agonymium Stone, Inert
      • Silver Rose Banner
      • Tree, Charred Dagonic
      • Deadlands Window, Stormglass
      • Deadlands Lightning Rod, Etched
      • Deadlands Wind Gate Pinion
      • Portal Key Replica
      • Sulfur Pool
      • Eerie Lantern, Hanging
      • High Isle Door, Ornate Crypt
      • High Isle Mausoleum, Ancient Marble
      • Replica Maormer Lightning-Rod
      • Replica Bloodmage's Crystal Heart
      • Replica Invitation Medallion
      • Gonfalon Bay Banner
      • Dreadsail Door, Grand
      • Deeproot's Undying Bloom
      • Reinforced Dwarfglass Window, Massive
      • Druid Ritual Stone
      • Flower Trap, Tamed
      • Druidic Throne, Floral Stone
      • The Druid King's Ivy Throne
      • Ascendant Knight Banner
      • Eerie Sconce, Emerald
      • Firesong Spring, Basalt
      • Lava Spout
      • Dark Elf Archway, Stone
      • Necrom Stele, Ceremonial
      • Crystalline Mind Barrier, Replica
      • Apocrypha Altar, Lighted
      • Necrom Archway
      • Apocrypha Courtyard Pool
      • Hermaeus Mora Banner
      • The Lord of Fate and Knowledge Frieze
      • Apocrypha Portal Seal, Replica
      • Apocrypha Stalk, Scryeball
      • Tales of Tribute Kit, Travel
      • Replica Fateweaver Key
      • Dormant Tyranite Calx
      • Apocrypha Window, Eye
      • Apocrypha Pedestal
      • Choral Altar
      • Infinite Archive Index, Replica
      • Apocryphal Obelisk
      • Apocrypha Plant, Languid Tentacles
      • Daedric Arch, Glass
      • Infinite Archive Access, Replica
      • Orcish Shrine, Malacath
      • Corpse of Mayhem, Argonian
      • Corpse of Mayhem, Khajiit
      • Corpse of Mayhem, Orc
      • Probably-Not-Punch Bowl of Mayhem

    • Fixed minor text issues with the dialogue from Keshu the Black Fin and Hildegard.

    • Error messages stating “Too many modifications to save” along with failures to save changes being made now no longer appear when editing friend notes.
    • Logging into a different Xbox account no longer displays the previous account’s username in voice chat.
    • Fixed an issue where suspending the game while in a Customer Support ticket submission could block further inputs.

    • Many Dremora are now correctly considered humanoid-based Daedra for purposes of monster categorization and effect application.
    • Cleaned up some NPCs who were walking around without clothes.
    • Fixed a handful of cases where guards or monsters might get the zoomies and rapidly sprint from one waypoint to the next.
    • Outlaws Refuges from Blackwood, Fargrave, High Isle, Vastyr, and Necrom are now properly flagged as Outlaws Refuges and allows bounty to calculate.

    • Fixed yet more floating and/or clipping NPCs, books, cats, plants, resource nodes, etc.
    • Fixed a number of slightly off-set quest pins on maps in numerous quests throughout the game.
    • A number of animals across Tamriel are no longer able to witness crimes.

    Alik’r Desert
    • Feathered Fiends: Fixed an issue where Daneem would just stand there until despawning after talking to Leja.

    • Depths of Madness: Fixed an ancient targeting issue with the Malevolent Spirit that required you to use the spore potion from your inventory rather than the more convenient, "Press button to banish ghost," that most quest items of this kind have.
    • Lifting the Veil: Fixed an issue where using the disguise would cause your character to run up and down slopes and stairs at weird angles.

    • The Lion’s Den: Fixed compass and map pins pointing to Yarah at the turn-in step.

    • What the Heart Wants: Fixed an issue where an early step to talk to Shayaifa wouldn't have a pin on the map.

    • Capture Aleswell Mine: Fixed an old issue where the quest pin for this capture was mistakenly placed on an Arrius resource.

    Gold Road Prologue Quest
    • Prisoner of Fate:
      • Fixed an issue that could cause Leramil to be unavailable if you entered Ithelia's prison again instead of speaking with her.
      • You can now reach a portal to Grahtwood at the end of this quest, though you may not see Leramil create it.

    Reaper’s March
    • Baan Dar's Boast: Fixed an issue where the Dark Poison could not always used on the Stranglers.

    • Crimes of the Past: Fixed an issue where the quest bestower could despawn by approaching her from certain angles.
    • Under Siege: The weapons you must collect are now easier to interact with and share a greater "reticle real-estate" than the surrounding crates.

    • Schism: Fixed an issue where weakened goblins could not be subdued by placing the totem.

    • From the Wastes: Fixed an issue where you could use the alchemical draughts on things that were not the intended targets.
    • Proving Trust: Fixed an issue where the signal flare could not be used to rescue Morvani.

    • One Last Game: Cleaned up some truly ancient quest pin nonsense related to the Cloudy Dregs attic.
    • The Perfect Burial: Michel no longer disappears in front of you if you turn in this quest after having completed the quest, "Azura's Aid."

    The Rift
    • Song of Awakening: Various versions of Sage Odana and Knudikur can no longer be killed.
    • Soul Harvest: The bag that makes Treva's spirit appear will now properly despawn and respawn as needed on accepts and abandons.
    • Storming the Hall: There is now a pouch of ashes in your inventory when Vigrod Wraithbane gives you one for the next step.

    • Made several fixes and improvements to Screen Narration.
    • Character titles in the character screen are now alphabetized.
    • Adjusted the size of the description box in the Group Finder creation screen to better match the maximum character limit.
    • Fixed a UI error that could occur when searching in various menus.
    • Fixed an issue where dropdowns could display a scroll bar when not necessary.
    • Fixed an issue where an overlap or gap could be observed on your health bar at certain resolutions.
    • Fixed an issue where the Submit button on the bug submission form was getting overlapped by other form elements.
    • Fixed an issue in character creation where previewing different kinds of gear would change the creator tab back to the first one.
    • Fixed certain Cyrillic characters not visible in item links.
    • Added hint text to the User ID and Password fields.
    • Added an indicator in the Text Chat menu to emphasize the currently selected chat line.
    • Fixed a UI error that could occur in the house editor retrieval tab.
    • Fixed an issue where extremely long text in Legal documents could get cut off in some languages.

    Activity Finder
    • Fixed an issue where the "Join Queue" button in some sections of the Activity Finder could get stuck on the screen.

    Combat & Gameplay
    • The staves formerly known as Flame and Frost have decided that it is time to update their tooltips to finally reflect their true names: Inferno and Ice.
    • Fixed an issue where Siphoning Ultimate abilities wouldn't show as useable with the reduced cost passive active.
    • Fixed an issue with the Infinite Archive summary screen that could cause various Verse/Vision icons to display outside of the window.

    Help & Tutorials
    • The Provisioning tutorial will now only be displayed when using the food or drink tab of the provisioning station.

    • Fixed an issue with some overlapping keybinds in the Housing Editor.

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